What Happens When You Drink Coffee Everyday
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drink coffee everyday

Coffee has various benefits on health, it not only is a good stimulant but it has various other effects on other the body as well. Here’s why you should drink coffee everyday.

1. Antioxidant

Numerous Antioxidants in coffee decrease negative side effects or free radical damage. This leads to better immunity and good health.
2. Anti-Ageing Properties
It helps in anti-ageing as it helps eliminate minor wrinkles and prevent the lack of collagen in skin cells. It is a good anti-ageing component. In many parts females also use it as face mask.
3. Helps in Weight Loss
Coffee can boost your Metabolism and reduce appetite as it promotes satiety and effect on appetite regulating hormones thus helping in weight loss. Certain people use green coffee and black coffee for weight loss.
4. Diuretic
Two or more cups of coffee acts as a Diuretic. It can help you lose some Water weight and get rid of excess salt. In certain cases of Hormonal imbalance coffee can help get rid of water retention.
5. Stimulant
Caffeine Acts as a strong natural Stimulant as it helps lower the levels of proteins responsible for negative side effects caused by sleep deprivation. It is used worldwide as favorite and most popular beverage as a stimulant.
6. Feel-Good Hormone
Caffeine also increases the “FEEL-GOOD”, Hormones in the Brain which results in Good Mood. It stimulants dopamine which secretes serotonin which is a feel good hormone.
7. Better Memory
Coffee helps in secretion of hormones which are responsible for good mood, better reaction time and Better memory. People prefer this beverage before competitive exam and interviews.
8. Good For Liver
Products of Caffeine Metabolism Prevents The formation of excess connective tissue which affects the liver functions. It aids in maintaining healthy metabolism of Liver.
9. Helps Reduce Heart Disease
It contains Unique Phytochemicals that help reduce inflammation so it lowers risk of Heart Disease. It is preventive for cardiac diseases.
10. Prevents Skin Cancer
Coffee may reduce the risk of developing Skin Cancer due to presence of antioxidants and phytochemicals. It is a theory which is still under trial for complete proving.
11. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease
3-5 cups of Coffee per day decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease by 30-60 %.
Yes, coffee is beneficial in many ways for your body but don’t drink too much of it. Too much coffee leads to caffeine overdose and you might end up like this ⇩

11 Reasons why you should drink coffee everyday!

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