Terms and Conditions

• It is the responsibility of the patient to check if the homeopathic medicines are allowed by the custom department in their country.

– It is responsibility of the patient taking online or OPD treatment with us to visit or get in touch with us via mail, phone or personal visit for the follow up and re order next batch of medication. We shall not be responsible for the follow up.

(Irregular medicine impacts efficacy of the result so it is advised to revert for regular follow ups)

• The patient/parent has to call us at the time of the appointment that has been scheduled for them.
• If the patient has not received the medicines on time then we shall be resenting the medicines after verifying the cause of delay.
• The refund will only be approved if any proof of payment is attached along with the request for refund.
• Certain limitations are involved in an online treatment hence we are also dependent on the information provided by the patient/parent. Although we try to bridge all the limitations by intensive case analysis. Therefore, we expect the patients to provide us with the detailed information regarding the disease, history of disease, the medicines currently being used.
• The biggest limitation in online treatment is that in case of any emergency, we will not be able to examine the patient. Hence, we expect the patient to take a proactive role in treating the acute emergency condition by contacting the local hospital. In such a scenario our clinic (attending physician) will not be responsible for eventuality or consequences resulting from any such eventuality.
• Homeopathic medicines are highly diluted and do not cause any side effects if taken under guidance.
• The refund policy and the terms of use can change at any given time without any prior notice.

-Due to the complex nature of homeopathy prescribing, please note that it is not within the scope of the online treatment service to give any elaborate explanation on the prescription.

-The medicine will be dispatched after payment ONLY.

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Homeopathy gives us the best treatment with full safety, effective and no side effects

Homeopathy gives a rapid, gentle and permanent results in most cases.
The use of homeopathy often avoids surgery.
Homeopathic remedies work on mind and body and also relieve tensions, worries and anxiety.

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