Food and Supplements for asthma control
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1) People who eat fruits, green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, healthy fat had better asthma control. The fresh fruits and vegetables have anti – inflammatory properties that help to reduce swelling and inflammation in the lungs. Fruits and vegetables are low calorie foods which help to maintain a healthy weight which help to gain better control of asthma. The antioxidant contained in the fresh fruits and vegetables are good for the health.

2) Use fish oil in your supplements because it contain the sources of omega -3 fatty acids which is good for your health and lungs .People with exercise induced asthma who take fish oil into their menu were able to reduce airway constriction .Fish oil can help to manage the asthma and reduce the side effects from asthma medications .

3) Eat an apple keep you away from the asthma .The Superman of fruits is packed full of vitamins and phytochemicals improve overall lung capacity. The benefit comes from the powerful antioxidants which contained in the fruit peel especially in red apples and it provide a natural antihistamine and inflammatory effect that can help in allergies and asthma. It is proved that the people who ate apples twice a week had as much as a third lower risk of developing asthma.

4) Choose the food which is rich in Vitamin D. A person with more severe form of asthma seems to be weak on Vitamin D so choose the food which is rich in Vitamin D. Go for milk, eggs and fish to get more vitamin D. Milk is one of the best source of vitamin D which may ease symptoms of asthma.

5) Take vitamin C in your diet. It serves as an antioxidant and help in healing the inflammation. Others sources of vitamin C are dark leafy greens , guavas , bell peppers ,broccoli ,cauliflower ,kiwi ,oranges , strawberries , tomatoes ,grape fruit .

Mixed Nuts

6) Take nuts in the diet .Nuts contain vitamin E which help to open the airways and reduce inflammation. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties.

7) Yogurt contains the probiotics. It has beneficial bacteria which help in reducing the inflammation which seems to reduce allergic reactions.

8) Caffeinated coffee improves the airway function up to 4 hrs after it is consumed. Caffeine is a bronchodilator that improves the airway.


9) Flaxseeds are high in omega -3 fatty acids as well as magnesium. Magnesium help in relaxing the muscles surrounding the bronchi and the airway.

10) Reduce the salt intake if you have asthmatic problem.

Avocado with leaves on a white background

11) Avocado contains an important antioxidant called glutathione. Their role in the body is to protect cells against the damage inflicted by free radicals. They are rich in monounsaturated fats which help to lower the cholesterol.

12) Onion contains the tiny crystals known as flavonoids which help to fight inflammation from asthma by strengthening capillary walls. They can protect the lining of the lungs and bronchial tubes from damage caused by pollution.

13) Carrots contain the beta –carotene which may decrease the asthma symptoms. Body convert beta carotene to vitamin A which is an essential nutrient. Beta carotene has antioxidant properties that can help ward off cell damage.

Food and Supplements for Asthma Control

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