Refund Policy

We always strive to provide our patients with the most professional services; But under any circumstance, if the patient wishes to have a refund for the treatment or the medicines provided, that can be availed as per our Refund Policy below: –

1. The refund policy is applicable to our online patients worldwide.

2. 80% of the total amount deposited can be refunded, if the request for the refund has been initiated within 24 hours of making a payment. It will be subjected to the condition.

3. 50% of the amount deposited will be refunded if the request for refund is made within one week of receiving the medicines (Subjected to the condition that the unused medicines are returned to us within one week from the day of dispatch, request will be initiated and shipment cost for return of medicine will be patient’s responsibility.) The refund will be given after we receive the unused medicines.

4. To initiate a refund, the patient has to e-mail us on regarding the same mentioning the cause of the request, along with an attached proof of payment.

5. No refund will be approved if the patient feels better before the completion of the treatment plan. No refund will be made if the patient does not revert back within or on the time follow up is advised and demands refund after completion of duration or course.

6. For delivery of medicines nationally, we use the best courier services as an effort to provide you with the medicines in the shortest possible span. Therefore, no refund will be possible if the medicines get delayed due to courier/postal issues, as we also depend upon their services completely and we do not have any control over the same.

7. Delivery of medicines outside India is subjected to various climatic conditions, festivals, unpredictable political conditions and custom regulations, therefore refund will not be given on delayed delivery of medicines.

8.Refunds will only be made by cheque, within 45 days of the approval of refund from the clinic.

9.Amount once paid is non-refundable for the walk-in patients.

10. Refund is only possible for people who are making payment for the first time. The privilege of refund is not available for patients who have made a recurring payment.

11-In case if the patient drops or loses or damages the medicine, you will have to reorder it again. The reorder will be chargeable.

12- When you receive the medicine it is responsibility of the patient to check if you have received proper quantity of medicines, if not you can report within 15 days, we will arrange to resend it without any additional cost. If you report later, it will be resent but it would be chargeable.

13. It is the responsibility of the patient to check if the homeopathy medicines are allowed by custom department in their country. We shall bear no responsibility in case your country’s customs do not allow Homeopathy medicines and No amount will be refunded if medicines are sealed by custom department of your country.

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