Cervical Dystonia Can Be Treated With Homeopathy


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A 44 yr old Mr.S.K (Patient identification number-4456) from Chandigarh visited our clinic on 23 March 2017. He complained about loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue, itching skin and had jaundice. His USG report was suggestive of fatty liver grade 2 and Hepatomegaly, the enzymes SGOT and SGPT was elevated. He was diagnosed with Hepatitis B.

He took conventional medication for his complaints but he had no relief. He was working in a private Firm and has to sit for long hours. He had no addiction of alcohol and smoking.

Dr Thind prescribed medicines on the basis of his physical and pathological symptoms and advised him to do regular exercises and again do blood test after 2 month. He also counseled the patient that we can help him symptomatically in his condition but cure is not possible in such cases.

On his second follow up patient said his complaints were the same, it was explained to him that in such cases it takes couple of months to show improvement. He continued medication and reported after 4 months. His enzymes of SGOT and SGPT were within normal range. His appetite was better however his weakness was still the same.

Patient continued the treatment for 8 more months and he reported 70% improvement overall. His symptoms and weakness were considerable better and his reports of SGOT and SGPT were also within normal range.

Patient was able to eat and could work in his job comfortably without any health related discomfort.

Case Study: Cervical Dystonia Can Be Treated

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