Case Studies

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  A 10-year-old kid treated with Homeopathy for Atopic Dermatitis

  A 33 Year Old Businessman Treated For Atopic Dermatitis

  A Case of Ankylosing spondylitis relieved with Homeopathy

  A Case Of Anorexia Nervosa Treated Successfully

  A Case of Cosmetic Allergy

  A Case of Depression – Completely Recovered in 5 Months

  A Case of GERD Successfully Treated

  A case of Hypothyroidism treated with Homeopathic Medicine

  A case of Keratoconus helped considerably with Homeopathy

  A Case of Morphea Getting Better With Homeopathy

  A Case of PCOS and Depression from Chandigarh

  A Case Study of PCOD

  A Case Study Of Scabies

  A Case Study of Tinea Capitis

  A Case Study of Tinea Versicolor

  A Case Study of Urticaria

  A Case Study of Vitiligo

  A DJ suffering from Tinnitus Got Relief with Dr. Thind’s Homeopathy

  Achalasia Cardia:-A Case of Achalasia Cardia Treated Successfully with Homeopathy Medication

  Achlasia Cardia:- Patient of “Achlasia Cardia” Treated Well With Homeopathic Medicine

  Acne Treated Successfully with Homeopathy

  Alcoholic Cirrhosis of Liver Treated With Homeopathic Medicine

  Allergic bronchitis treated with Homeopathy by Dr Thind

  Allergic Rhinitis:- 30 Year Old Problem of Allergic Rhinitis Cured

  Allergic Rhinitis:- 32 Year Old Chef From Australia Was Successfully Treated For Allergic Rhinitis

  Alopecia areata:- An Australian Baker Treated For Alopecia Areata With Homeopathy Successfully

  Alopecia Areata:- Get Rid Of “Alopecia” With Homeopathy

  Ankylosing Spondylitis Treated in 15 Year-Old Boy

  Assamese Farmer Treated for Hirschsprung’s Disease

  Brochiectasis Better After Taking Homeopathic Medicines

  Bursitis can be Treated in Homeopathy

  Calcaneal Spur Treated With Homeopathy in 4 Months

  Case of Calcaneal spur treated successfully

  Case of Hairfall Treated Homeopathically by Dr.Thind

  Case of Kidney Stone Treated with Homeopathy

  Case of Pompholyx Treated Successfully

  Case of Ring Worm Treated with Homeopathy

  Case of sinusitis treated with Homeopathy

  Case of Tennis Elbow Treated Successfully With Homeopathy

  Case Study of Anal Fissure Treated at Dr Thind Clinic

  Case Study of Chronic Constipation Complete Recovery

  Cervical Dystonia Can Be Treated With Homeopathy

  Cervical Dystonia Treated Homeopathically

  Cervical Spondylitis Now Better With Homeopathy

  Chronic Cough:-Four year old girl could enjoy her ice cream again without getting sick again

  Chronic Recurrent Folliculitis treated successfully with Homeopathy

  Complete Cure For Osteomyelitis Is Possible

  Depersonalization With Family – Homeopathy Can Help

  Depression:- A Case of Depression Treated with Homeopathic Medicine by Dr Thind

  Don’t Worry If You Have Hypothyroidism

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