Homeopathy -An Overview

Homeopathy is one of the well known fields of medicine all over the world. Working method of this system of medicine is different from all other systems and works on fixed principles.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that works on combination of art and science. A homoeopath should have a good knowledge about its field and more important the art of applying that knowledge’s best part on right case.

A homeopath is rich in both fields of art as well as science, artistic in sense of acquiring the knowledge about patient and scientific in sense of acquiring knowledge not only about its own pathy(homeopathy) but also about working of other pathies(allopathy, isopathy, ayurvedic science).

Homeopathy is a field which not only treats diseases but help the patient to lead a balanced life in all spheres i.e. mental, physical and emotional planes.

Homeopathy helps the patient to lead a harmonious life so that he or she not only helps himself but also people related to his life.

Homeopath can not only treat chronic diseases but can apply very well effective medicines in acute diseases. Homeopathy works on fixed laws and its base is scientific. Homeopathy works on laws of nature.

Every part of this pathy is scientific, taking knowledge of patient (i.e. case taking), medicinal knowledge (every medicine contains picture from head to toe), medicinal preparations is on scientific basis, then dosage given in the form of remedy to be well selected on basis of scientific principles of homeopathy, then repetition of dosage also need precise knowledge, and last not the least counseling of patient.

Most important part of taking homeopathic medicine is that it is to be taken only on the advice of well trained homeopathic physician.

Self medication of homeopathic medicines is very dangerous if not taken with reference of the homeopath.
Effect of the homeopathic medicine show miracles if well selected in untreated cases by other systems of medicine.