Sources of Homoeopathic Medicines

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared largely from naturally occurring substances like
1) Plant kingdom
2) Animal kingdom
3) Mineral kingdom
When these substances are diluted as per homoeopathic guidelines these substances lose their natural toxicity and only the medicinal curative properties remains active.

How are homoeopathic medicines tested?
Homoeopathy is the only science where the homoeopathic drugs proved on healthy human beings of all ages and on both sex.

1) Plant kingdom
There are over many homeopathic drugs that have been proved and are in use world over. The process of preparing is unique. The mother tincture, which is the core extract of the plant that may come from the roots or stem or leaves or fruit or the entire plant is prepared and then is diluted with alcohol to form various higher potencies by giving what is called as succussions. Succussions are repeated beatings given to the bottle containing the mixture (mother tincture of the drug diluted with prescribed amount of alcohol) to extract the hidden medicinal powers or energy of the drug. It comes in various potencies.
There are so many drugs which is prepared from plant kingdom. Some examples are:

1) Drug name = ocimum sanctum
Common name = tulsi

2) Drug name = syzygium jambolanum
Common name = java plum,jamun

3) Drug name = calendula
Common name = marigold

4) Drug name = Allium sativa
Common name = garlic

5) Drug name = Allium cepa
Common name = onion

2) Animal kingdom

Many homeopathic drugs are prepared from the animal kingdom which are prepared in the similar manner as that of the plant kingdom the only difference being here the part of the whole animal is taken to prepare the medicine. A few examples of animal kingdom drugs are listed below:

1) Drug name = tarantula hispanica
Common name = Spanish spider
2) Drug name = vipera
Common name = Russell’s viper

3) Drug name = naja tripudians
Common name = king cobra

4) Drug name = sepia
Commpn name = dried inky juice of cuttle fish

5) Drug name = cantharis
Common namem = Spanish

3) Mineral kingdom

The drugs under this category are very useful and have a good medicinal effect. Individual drugs or compounds are taken and medicines are prepared. It also contains elements such as Phosphorous. A few examples are:
1) Calcarea carbonica = (caco#3)
2) Calcarea phosphoric = (ca3(po4)2)
3) Natrum muriaticum = (Nacl)

Acids are also included in this category such as:
1) Nitric acid
2) Phosphoric acid

Also metals are included in this category such as:
1) Drug name = cuprum metallicum
Common name = copper
2) Drug name = ferrum metallicum
Common name = iron
3) Drug name = aurum metallicum
Common name = gold
4) Drug name = argentums metallicum
Common name = silver

These metals are potentized with Saccharum Lacts (Lactose sugar) a procedure which minimizes the toxicity of the metals and lower concentration that is higher potencies are prepared where the medicinal powers of these metals are obtained.
According to WHO Homoeopathic medicines are safest mode of treatment and more than 500 million people used this pathy worldwide.