Scientific Homoeopathy

“Homeopathy is purely a science based system of medicine.” This statement is very true if we understand the action of its medicines and also depends on the person who practices this system of medicine i.e. A Homeopath. Homeopathy was discovered by Dr. Hahnemann, a German physician who was before the rudiments of medicine had been developed at that time. By his keen observations, he discovered the homeopathy based on specific laws and principles.
So homeopathy can also be called as scientific homeopathy. Basically, scientific homeopathy can be called as the practicing of homeopathy based on its principles and laws. Various facts related to homeopathic medicines justify the word “scientific homeopathy”.
*Homeopathic medicines are prepared by the methods of potentization by dilution and succussion which is based in on the “law of infinitesimals”. (This law states that when drugs are diluted either in water or alcohol, they actually increase in therapeutic potency).
*The principles of homeopathy run contrary to allopathic medicine and have never been established only on the basis of observations and experience.
*Homeopathic medicines are always proved under carefully controlled clinical trials.
Unfortunately due to mental symptoms concepts and dreams related concepts in homeopathy creates deviation of a scientific approach to homeopathy and its action. But except that since last few decades the scientific background behind homeopathy is being researched and established. Various kinds of concerned or scientific persons like, biologists, physicists, and pharmacologists worked and make researchers that homeopathic medicines are basically a form of a nano-pharmacological system of medicine.