A toothache is also known as odontalgia is defined as aching pain in and around the tooth. Tooth pain is caused when the nerve to the tooth is irritated.

This irritation to the nerve root is caused by dental infection, decay, injury, or loss of tooth. Pain in the tooth may also occur after tooth extraction.
In some cases pain originates from other areas and radiate to the jaw and thus appear as toothache.

Age / Sex group affected by Toothache

Toothache can affect any individual of any age group and both the sexes are equally affected males as well as females.

Causes of Toothache

There are many diseases of tooth that can cause toothache and they are as follows
Dental causes
• Pulpitis, an infection of the dental pulp.
• Barodontalgia, in this pain is evoked upon changes in barometric pressure.
• Periodonitis.
• Dental caries.
• Wisdom teeth.
• Cracked tooth.
• Dry socket condition occur after one or more teeth are extracted also lead to toothache.
• When dental braces are tighter.
Non-dental causes are as follows
• Induced neuropathy in cases of cytotoxic chemotherapy.
• Trigeminal neuralgia.
• Atypical odontalgia.
• Reffered pain of angina pectoris or myocardial infaction.

Toothache Signs and Symptoms

There is severe pain in the affected tooth due to pressure, or by hot or cold stimuli.
This pain persists for longer than 15 seconds after the removal of the pain causing factors pressure or hot or cold applications.
With the increase in the inflammation of the affected tooth the severity of the pain is increased.
This pain may also radiate to the cheeks, ear, or the jaw.

Other sign and symptoms are as follows
• Pain during chewing of the food.
• Sensitivity to hot and cold.
• There occurs swelling around the tooth and swelling of the jaw.
• Injury or trauma to the area.
• Bleeding or discharge can occur around the affected tooth.

Investigations of Toothache

• The history of the patient and physical examination can help to diagnose.
• X-ray tooth is done to know the severity of infection and damage to tooth.
• ECG is done if there is indication of referred pain in cases of heart attack.

Treatment for Toothache

Medication for relieving pain is given analgesics and antibiotics to decrease the infection process.

Medications given are as follows
• Acetaminophen.
• Ibuprofen.
Avoidance of very cold or hot foods because this may make the pain more worse.
Toothache is also relieved by biting on cotton balls soaked in oil of cloves.
Patient who suffers from regular attacks of toothache should use fluoride toothpastes.

Prognosis of Toothache

Prognosis of toothache is good if patient take good dental care.

Homeopathic treatment for Toothache

• Pulsating toothache
• Inflammation of dentine, periostitis of sockets.
• Painfull ulcerations at the root of teeth.
• Gums are swollen.
• Offensive odor from mouth.
• Pain is worse at night.

• Unbearable toothache affecting a whole row of teeth.
• Pains occur in paroxysms which is radiating to ears.
• Intolerence of pain, increased at night and from warmth.
• Pain in teeth is worse during and after eating hot food.

• Help in reducing the most severe pain of tootache.
• Pains are stinging, jerking.
• Pains are worse on chewing.
• Pains are much better on holding cold water in mouth, and pains return back as soon as this water turn warm.

• Remedy helps to remove abscesses in the root of teeth.
• Very well indicated for dental fistula.
• Pains are increased on eating warm food.
• Pains are aggravated when cold air enters mouth.
• Teeth feel loose.

• Gums are unhealthy.
• Indicated for decay of teeth.
• In children, as soon as they appear turn black and crumbled.
• There is gnawing sensation in the root of decayed teeth.
• Indicated to old women, who have a mouthful of painful stumps.

Aconitum napellus

•Well indicated medicine for toothache.

•Teeth are sensitive to cold.

•Patient has a habit of constantly moving lower jaw as if chewing.

•Gums are hot and inflammed.

•Tongue is coated white.


•Very good medicine to relieve toothache.

•There is throbbing pain in the teeth.

•Also indicated for boils in gums.

•Tongue is of strawberry color.

•Grinding of teeth.

Diet / management

Dental problems can be avoided with regular dental care.
Following measures to be taken to decrease dental infections
• Maintain healthy diet. Bacteria grow on starchy and refined sugar media and in this order they burrow through the enamel teeth. So one should wash teeth with water after eating such eatables
• Maintain a good program of cleaning the teeth to remove food particles.
• Brush your teeth after eating.
• Use a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste.
• Flossing of teeth is also done for thorough cleaning.
• Individuals should arrange to have teeth cleaned by the dentist or dental hygienist twice a year.
• Players should wear protective dental guard or head gear while playing sports to prevent injury.
• Avoid smoking.
• Tobacco chewing should be avoided.

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