Otitis Media / Middle Ear Infection

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otitis media

Q1. What is Otitis media?

It is an ear infection which occurs when the area behind the eardrum called the middle ear becomes inflamed and infected.

Q2. What causes Otitis media?

It is caused by a bacteria or virus. This infection often results from another illness such as:




Sinus infection

Infected or enlarged adenoids

Cigarette smoke

Drinking while laying down (in infants)

Q3. What is the common cause of Otitis media?

Acute Otitis media (AOM) is most common in children due to bacterial infections. Common pathogens which cause AOM in children are Streptococcus pneumonia, Haemophilus influenza, Moraxella catarrhalis and Group A streptococcus.

Q4. Can Otitis media be cured?

Otitis media is not a very serious inflammation and if treated properly no permanent hearing loss is there but if it is not treated, it can cause permanent damage or hearing loss.

Q5. How long does ear ache last?

Pain from an ear infection comes on rapidly and doesn’t last long, within 24 hours it subsides. Fluid may be left behind in the ear after an infection which can last for several weeks to months. This may cause a feeling of discomfort in the ears.

Q6. Do ear infections go away on their own?

Many infections will go away on their own, up to 80% of ear infections may go away without antibiotics. The treatment depends on the cause and severity of the symptoms.

Q7. What are the symptoms of Otitis media?

Symptoms include:

-Earache, especially while lying

-Difficulty sleeping due to pain


-Difficulty hearing

-Loss of balance


-A headache

-Loss of appetite

Q8. Can an ear infection spread to the brain?

Yes, if left untreated than the patient may suffer from severe complications with permanent brain damage, hearing loss, and coma. Cerebral abscess is often a complication of chronic sinus or middle-ear infections.

Differential diagnosis:


-Fever in the toddler

-Fever in the young infant


-Gastroesophageal reflux

-Head trauma

-Hearing impairement


-Down syndrome



-Cleft lip and palate

-Nasal polyps

-Otitis externa



-Pneumococcal infections

-Primary ciliary dyskinesia

-Rhinovirus infection


-Parainfuenza virus infections



-Meningitis (rare)

– Hearing difficulties

For more information, you can visit NHS and Wikipedia.

Otitis Media

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