Gall Bladder Tumors

Gall bladder tumors are the tumors or abnormal growths present in the gall bladder. Gall bladder is a pear shaped organ present under the liver. The major function of gall bladder is to release enzymes necessary for the metabolism of fat.

gall bladder tumors

As stomach and intestine digests food, gall bladder releases bile through a tube called the common bile duct. This common bile duct connects gall bladder and liver to your small intestine.

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The gall bladder tumors are presented in following forms
Benign lesions
Cholesterol polyps
Inflammatory polyps
Adenomatous polyps.
Malignant lesions.
Chronic inflammation from various stimuli has been said to be the major cause of pathogenesis of gall bladder cancer.
Adenoma-carcinoma sequence is thought to be involved in many cases of gall bladder tumor.
Gall bladder cancer spreads early via lymphatic, hematogenous and transcoelomic dissemination.
Local invasion of the tumor in surrounding areas is common.Commonly seen in ?

Tumors of gall bladder are more common in women than in males.
The most common age group for gall bladder to develop tumors is the late elderly age.

Races affected by Gall bladder tumors
Americans are more prone to develop gall bladder tumors.
Otherwise gall bladder tumors can occur in individuals of any race.

Causes of Gall bladder tumors
Risk factors for gall bladder tumors are as follows
• Gender risk is that women are more prone to develop gall bladder cancer than men.
• Obesity also increases the risk of gallbladder tumor.
• Chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis are also linked to risk factor for gall bladder tumor.
Gall stones are present in almost 90% cases of gall bladder tumors. So this can be one of the causes but etiological influence remains unproven.
There are various inflammatory conditions of gall bladder which can lead to formation of inflammatory polyps.
Advancing age is another important risk factor for development of tumor.
sign and symptoms of Gall bladder tumors
• There is steady pain in the upper right abdomen.
• Weakness.
• Loss of weight.
• Jaundice and vomiting due to obstruction.
• Fever.
• Bloating in abdomen.
• Nausea and vomiting.
• Lumps in the abdomen.
Investigations of Gall bladder tumors
Following are the test that helps to find out the gall bladder tumor
• Liver function enzymes slightly elevated.
• Elevated levels of billirubin and alkaline phosphate.
• Elevated carbohydrate antigen.
• Elevated carcinoembryonic antigen.
Imaging techniques helpful to detect are as follows
• Ultrasound of abdomen.
• CT scan of abdomen.
• Magnetic resonance imaging.
• Positron emission tomography.
Histological findings are helpful to detect the stage and type of tumor.
Treatment of Gall bladder tumors
Following are the ways to treat gall bladder tumors
•Fluoropyrimidine-based chemoradiotherapy.
•Cholecystectomy help to remove poly type gall bladder tumors.
Complications of Gall bladder tumors
Complications are expected with cholecystectomy and include
• Infection.
• Hematoma.
• Bile leaks.
Liver failure can occur.
Prognosis of Gall bladder tumors
The survival rate depends upon the stage of gall bladder tumor.

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