Dental Abscess

Dental abscess (abscess is collection of pus) is infection of mouth, jaw, face and throat which usually begins as tooth infection. Dental abscess occurs due to poor dental health or lack of proper dental care. Dental abscess can be painful when tissues get inflamed. Cavity bacteria can spread to gums, cheek , throat , beneath tongue. In some cases infection spreads leading to blockage of airway which can make breathing difficult. Dental abscess causes nausea, fever, vomiting.

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Dental Abscess is classified into

Periapical abscess-
Periapical abscess is one of the common dental abscess which starts from the centre of tooth. A periapical abscess develops as a complication of tooth decay ( tooth decay damages the protective layer of the tooth), this damage allows bacteria to invade the pulp to cause infection.
Periapical abscess can develop due to nerve injury.

Periodontal abscess
Periodontal abscess ( gumboil ) develops as a complication of gum injury, gum disease.This gum disease causes gym to get detached from the tooth.

What causes Dental Abscess ?

A dental abscess main cause is the direct growth of bacteria into the soft tissues and bones of face and neck.

Risk factors
• Poor oral hygiene
• Consuming more of sweet/sticky food and drinks – chocolate, sweets , fizzy drinks, starchy food
• Weak immune system  -diabetes

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Dental Abscess ?

• Throbbing pain which may extend to ear, lower jaw and neck
• Swelling
• Redness of mouth, face
• Nausea, vomiting, fever, chills
• Gums inflammation, pus
• Difficulty in opening of mouth and swallowing
• Cavities
• Oral swelling
• Unpleasant taste in mouth
• Disturbed sleep

Investigations of Dental Abscess

• Physical examination of mouth
• X-ray of mouth

Treatment of Dental Abscess

• Anti-inflammatory medicines
• Antibiotics
• Drainage of pus ( by cutting the abscess )

Diet / management

• Maintaining a dental hygiene
• Daily brushing and flossing
• Brush teeth after every meal and before going to bed
• Avoiding tobacco chewing
• Try to avoid hot, cold food or cold air

Prognosis of Dental Abscess

Outlook for Dental abscess is good.

Complications of Dental Abscess ?

• Sinusitis (infection spreading to nearby sinus)
• Dental cyst
• Osteomyelitis( infection of bone which spreads through blood stream ).

Differential diagnosis of Dental Abscess

• Periapical granuloma or cyst
• Peritonsillar abscess
• Langerhans cell histocytosis
• Buccal bifurcation cyst
• Incomplete apexification of an erupted tooth.

Homeopathic treatment for Dental Abscess

•  There is burning and stinging in abscess with redness and hot inflammation.
•  Pus is scanty and cheesy.
•  Patient is sensitive to cold air.

Calcarea phosphorica-
• Dentition complaints, rapid teeth decay
• Accumulation of tartar
• Difficulty in opening mouth

Calendula officinalis
•  Indicated when indurations occur after surgical operations that are followed by suppuration.
•  The look of the wound is raw and inflamed, with stinging and throbbing pains.>

•  It is given if suppuration continues.
•  The pus is thin and watery.
•  Warmth gives relief.
•  Helps in scrofulous and tubercular abscesses.

•  It is indicated in glandular abscesses.
•  The pus is greenish and thin.
•  There is shining redness with throbbing and stinging pains.
•  It is very useful in pyorrhoea.

Nitric acid
•  Suppurations especially occurs in the inguinal or axillary glands.
•  It is suited to syphilitic persons.
•  The discharge is offensive, excoriating and of a dirty, greenish yellow colour.

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