Cerebral Abscess

Brain/ cerebral abscess is a focal collection of pus, immune cells within the brain, due to infection usually that of bacteria or fungal infection. Brain abscess commonly occurs when bacteria or fungi infect part of the brain. Inflammation develops in response to this infection and tissue is formed around this area.

cerebral abscess
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How Cerebral Abscess Has Occurred?

• Congenital heart disease
• Meningitis
• Chronic middle ear infection
• Sinus infection
• Dental or jaw infection
• Infection of face or scalp
• Head injury
• Any fracture of skull
• Shunt which drains excess amount of cerebral spinal fluid can cause infection.

What Are Indications Of Cerebral Abscess?

• Fever  and chills
• A headache
• Language difficulties
• Loss of coordination
• Loss of muscle function
• Seizures
• Stiff neck
• Vision changes
• Vomiting
• Confusion
• Decreasing responsiveness
• Drowsiness
• Eventual  coma
• Inattention
• Irritability
• Slow thought process
• Decreased movements
• Decreased sensation
•  Decreased speech
• Change in personality or behavior
• Walking difficult

How To Inspect Cerebral Abscess?

• Blood culture
• Chest x-ray
• Complete blood count
• Head CT, MRI scan
• EEG (Electroencephalogram)
• Testing for the presence of antibodies.
• Needle biopsy for injection

How Cerebral Abscess Can Be Treated?

• Prophylactic treatment (antibiotics, antifungal, analgesics, diuretics etc)
• Surgery
• Needle aspiration after CT/MRI scan

Prognosis of Cerebral Abscess

Prognosis is well if treated. If left untreated it can lead to death in almost all the cases.

Complications of Cerebral Abscess

• Brain damage
• Meningitis
• Infection
• seizures

How Diet Management Can Help In Cerebral Abscess?

• Balance and healthy diet
• Get proper treatment for inner ear infections is there is any.
• Proper treatment of allergies and long-standing diseases like respiratory diseases, virus illness, migraine etc.
• Exercise regularly, practice yoga and mediations.
• Avoid alcohol and smoking
• Limit caffeine in take
• Keep still and rest when you have symptoms.
• Avoid sudden movements
• Avoid bright light
• Avoid driving a car or operating heavy machinery

Homeopathic treatment for Cerebral Abscess

Arnica Montana:
• Brain disease resulting from injury, fall or blow n the head.
• Affected part is oversensitive
• Face red and puffed up.

• Face and eyes red
• Cerebral congestion
• throbbing of carotids, brain fag after delirium

Calcarea carbonica:
• Brain affections, especially brain tumors.
• Head feels cold.
• Pain in the head and vertigo on turning the head.
• Vertigo on ascending head
• Headache from mental exertion

Calcarea fluorata:
• Brain tumors, tumors hard and stony.
• Sparks before eyes.
• Brain fag and vomiting

Gelsemium sempervirens:
• cerebral inflammation
• Headache, vertigo and pain in neck and shoulder.
• Headache preceded by blindness, delirious on falling asleep.

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