Behcet Syndrome / Silk Road Disease

Behcet syndrome has classical characteristic symptoms of inflammation of blood vessels and triad of symptoms that include mouth ulcers that recur frequently, genital ulcers and inflammation of area around the pupil of the eye.

behcet syndrome

Painful genital ulcerations develops around the anus, vulva, and scrotum. In the majority of patients, scarring can occur.

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Age / Sex of Behcet Syndrome
It affects middle-aged men and women.
What Leads To Behcet Syndrome?

• The cause remains unknown.

• Genetic and environmental factors, such as microbe infections, both factors contribute to the development of Behcet’s syndrome.

• Behcet’s syndrome is not contagious.

How It Affects?

• Inflammation involves eyes, brain, joints, and skin.
• Painful oral ulcers involve gums, tongue, and lining of the mouth.
• Genital ulcers involve scrotum, penis, vulva and leave scars.

• Pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

• Inflammation of uvea or retina can result in blindness.

• Pain in eye, blurred vision, redness, and photophobia, these are the results of eye inflammation.

• A headache, stiffness in the neck, fever occurs due to inflammation of the brain.
• Swelling, stiffness, pain, and tenderness of joints occur due to the inflammation of joints.

• Commonly affected joints are knees, wrist, ankle, and elbows.

• Reddish nodules on the front of the legs that are tender occur due to inflammation of the skin.

How To Analyse Behcet Syndrome?

• Skin biopsy

• Lumbar puncture

• Blood test


Treatment for Behcet Syndrome

• Anti-inflammatory drugs.

• Medicines for mouth ulcers include TNF-blockers.

Diet / management of Behcet Syndrome

• Eating a balanced diet.

• Exercising regularly.

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