Autism / Pervasive Development Disorder

Autism is a neurological developmental disorder. Normal brain function is affected in Autism that is characterized by the weak development of social interaction, behavior, and communication.


Social interaction is a normal part of the development of humans, but the autistic individual is lacking in the ability to interact. This lack of ability is so severe that bond between mother and child is affected.The way in which autistic individual shows affection and bonding are different as others do.

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Abnormal behavior pattern includes poor eye contact, abnormal body postures, and facial expressions. There may be little or lack of interest in activities. They are poor in making relationships and remain isolated. In most severe cases they remain unaware of the presence of other persons around.

An autistic individual has severe impairment of communication. Their ability to understand and express is delayed or does not exist. An autistic individual may speak but they have a marked inability to participate or initiate two-way conversation. Their speech is monotonous as they lack emotions. The sentences used by them are immature e.g. instead of saying “I want food”, they will say “want food”. Autistic individual repeats words or half phrases that are spoken to them without understanding them. This is called echolalia. They can memorize the songs, stories etc. without exactly understanding the content.

Different autistic individuals react to external stimulus differently, some are extremely intolerant to loud noises while others are intolerant to crowds.They are sensitive to any particular thing.They react vigorously in situations that appear unusual to them, they scream, scratch, and headbang.They thoroughly touch the person or any object to just feel.An autistic individual is tied in a fixed routine. Any break in the routine makes them react severely.They have a fixation towards a particular behavior that is often repeated by them.On disrupting there is uncontrolled outburst or direct physical attack.

Autism varies from mild to severe form.The affected individual has a great intellectual disability.Its cause remains unknown.

Majority of an individual having autism shows mental retardation with intelligence quotient (IQ) of 35-50 approximately.Some autistic individuals exhibit seizure disorders.The low IQ level of individual increases the likelihood of autism.

Family members of the autistic individual are also affected.They face social, emotional and financial challenges.
Who Are Prone To Autism /Pervasive Development Disorder?

Become apparent by the age of 12-18 months.
Most of the affected children are presented with language problems in 2-3 years.Boys are affected more often than girls.

Any Cause Of Autism /Pervasive Development Disorder ?

• The exact etiology is unknown.
• There may be the genetic factor.
• Environmental, immunologic, and metabolic factors are also one of the factors in disease development.
• Exposures to toxins, chemicals, poisons, and other substances have been hypothesized to cause autism.The exposure to pesticides and phthalates during pregnancy increases the risk of the occurrence of autism spectrum disorders and related disorders.
• It may be a result of sensitivity to the vaccine.
• Families who have one child with autism, the risk of having other autistic child are 3% to 8%.Risk of developing autism increases if the first-degree relative has autism.
• Maternal rubella is associated with significantly higher rates of autism and other conditions in children.

Here Are Some Signs To Look For In Children?

• The autistic child does not respond to his or her name.
• Lacking Social interaction.
• The child has delayed learning to speak.
• Acts ignorant at times.Appears not to hear you.
• Least bothered by other’s feelings.
• Do not make friends prefer to play alone.
• There is no apparent fear of dangerous situations.
• Becomes disturbed at the slightest change in routines or rituals.
• Lacking Social Interaction.
• Resists cuddling and holding
• May repeat words or phrases and repetitive behavior.
• Uses abnormal tone or rhythm during the speech.
• Lack of communication.
• Oversensitive to light, sound, and touch and yet oblivious to pain.
• Some children with autism may develop seizures and can be resistant to treatment.
• Aggressive behavior, or maybe self-injurious.

Are You Worried About Your Child?

• Diagnosis is based on behavior.
• Developmental history and physical examination of the child.
• A child will often have genetic testing (looking for chromosome abnormalities) and may have metabolic testing.
• Child’s evaluation –Communication, Language, Motor skills, Speech.
• Elevations of whole blood serotonin occur in one-third of patients.

Treatment for Autism/Pervasive Development Disorder

• Visual aids are often helpful.
• Applied behavior analysis (ABA).This therapy can be effective in some cases.It is specially designed for younger autistic children.Its main focus is to get the child close to normal developmental functioning.
• Medications.
• Occupational therapy.
• Physical therapy.
• Speech-language therapy.

Autism /Pervasive Development Disorder May Lead To

• Mental retardation.
• Fragile X syndrome.
• Some people with autism develop seizures.
• Detailed analysis of a case.
• Day to day activities should be noted.
• Likes and dislikes of a child are to be asked.
• Child’s physical complaints and behavior should be analyzed completely.
• Interaction in school with other kids and also at home should be noticed.

Can Be Compared With Diseases Like

• Anxiety disorder
• Fragile X syndrome
• Tourette disorder
• Trisomy 22

How To Treat With Homeopathy

Every branch of science has its own scope and limitations, so does Homeopathy. Although Homeopathy has a lot of very good remedies for curing & controlling auto-immune disorders, male & female disorders, children and elderly people.

In cases of an emergency situation such as poisoning, serious abdominal complaints (such as acute appendicitis and pancreatitis), fractures, injury, and accidents should be first taken to emergency. However, a patient can consult his homeopathic physician after recovering from his initial phase. Please note Homeopathy plays no role in treating any nutritional disorders.

The scope of Homeopathy is limited; it is the sole responsibility of the physician to decide upon the cure – by looking into the complete nature of the disease, onset, and stage of the disease and then act accordingly.

Agraphis nutans
•Well indicated medicine for autism and Putinism of childhood unconnected with deafness.
•Child has deafness from adenoids and enlarged tonsils, which frequently accompanying dentition.
•Patient has the tendency to take cold on exposure to cold winds.
•Speech wanting in childhood.

Kali bromatum
•Well indicated medicine for children suffering from autism.
•Also indicated in cases of epilepsy occurring at the new moon and when a headache follows the fit.
•Well indicated for disturbances in nervous, plethoric persons.
•The moral and intellectual faculties are greatly disordered.
•Restlessness, sleeplessness from worry.
•Frigidity of hands

•This remedy acts well for treating autism.
•Well indicated medicine for children with slow of comprehension, weak memory.
•Patient has unusual excitement.

•Well indicated medicine for children who are mentally deficient.
•Diarrhea in children running for weeks.
•Is of great value in treating epilepsy, neurasthenia and nervous children.
•Nervous weakness.
•Patient is very sensitive mentally and physically.

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