Anal Abscess /Perianal Abscess /Perirectal Abscess

Perianal/perirectal abscess also known as rectal/ anal abscess or anorectal abscess is an infection in form of abscess present adjacent to the anus.The abscess arises from an infection at one of the anal sinuses which further lead to inflammation and abscess formation. Perianal abscess is defined as the collection of pus in the area of anus and rectum. Perianal abscess is the infection in the soft tissue surrounding the anal canal and forming the discrete abscess cavity.

anal abscess
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Anal abscess is an anorectal disease which arises when there is obstruction in the anal crypts.The anus contains anal glands which are drained out through anal crypts.These anal glands secrete lubricant in the anal canal for making the passage of stool easy.In cases of infection these anal crypts get blocked and due to blockage there occur stasis of glandular secretions.When the infection is severe these crypts get blocked and pus formation occurs in the glands leading to formation of abscess.
Common organisms which cause infection are Escherichia coli, Enterococcus species and Bacteroides species.

There are four types of anorectal abscess and are as follows
• Perianal abscess.

• Ischiorectal abscess.

• Intersphincteric abscess

• Supralevator abscess.

Perianal/perirectal abscess Common In

Occurence of anorectal abscess is most common in middle age group. It is more frequent in men than in women.It is also common in infants.

What Are The Causes Of Perianal/perirectal abscess?

Anal abscess occurs as a result of following causes:
• Blocked anal glands.
• Infection of an anal fissure.
• Sexually transmitted infections.
• Diabetes.
• Diverticulitis.
• Pelvic inflammatory disease.
• Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

Perianal/Anal abscess Signs and Symptoms

• Painful lump in anal area.
• Pain during bowel movements.
• Drainage of pus near anus.
• Fever.
• Lower abdominal pain.
• Weakness.
• Swelling in the anal area or buttocks.
• Night sweats.

Tests To Be Done For Perianal/perirectal abscess

• Clinical evaluation.
• Digital rectal exam.
• In case of doubt of other diseases: ultrasound. CT scan, MRI.

When I Feel Better?

• Antibiotics.
• Surgical drainage of pus.

If Perianal/perirectal abscess Remain Untreated Leads To

• Anal fistula.
• Scars.
• Persistent pain.
• Sepsis.
• Recurrence of symptoms.

How To Treat Perianal/perirectal abscess With Homeopathic Medicines

• Pressure, burning and stinging in abscess with redness and hot swelling.
• Pus is scanty and flocculent.
• Sensitive to cold air.

Pulsatilla pratensis
• Bleeding in the abscess with stinging and cutting pains.
• Bluish-red swelling in the surrounding parts with itching.

Hepar sulph.
• It enhances the collection of pus.

Arsenic album
• Intolerable burning pain and the abscess may become gangrenous.
• Pus copious, bloody, corroding, ichorous, watery, and of a putrid smell.
• Great debility with restlessness.

Nitric acid
• Tearing pain while passing stool.
• Irritable and exhausted after stool.
• Sensation as if rectum was torn.
• Suited to patient with hydrogenoid constitution.

• Sensation as if something will break on straining.
• Apis acts on the outer parts, skin, coatings of inner organs, serous membranes, etc.

Calendula Q
• It is a remarkable healing agent when applied locally.
• Useful for open wounds.
• It promotes healthy granulations and rapid healing.

• Drawing pain in back after stool.
• Stinging pain during stool.
• Suited to people of lax fiber, weak, diminishes vital heat.
• A relaxed, plethoric, sluggish, cold remedy.

Merc sol
• Discharge accompanied by chilliness, sick stomach, cutting colic and tenesmus.
• Pain worse at night and warmth of bed.
• Merc sol is very useful remedy in bullae, abscess, snuffles, marasmus, stomatitis or destructive inflammations.

• It is a useful remedy in suppurative processes.
• It ripens abscesses since it promotes suppuration.
• Suits the patient who is chilly and hugs the fire, wants plenty of warm clothing and worse in winter.

Muriatic acid
• Anal region is extremely sensitive to touch of even cloth.
• Involuntary stool while passing urine.

• Anus feels tight, as of nothing could go through it.
• Pain darting up the rectum every time he coughs or sneezes.
• Patient has a hemorrhagic tendency.
• Sensation of tension in various parts.

Diet / management of Perianal/perirectal abscess

• Drink plenty of water and fruit juices so as to avoid constipation
• Adopt hygienic measures in cleaning the area.
• Avoid straining while defecating.
• Sitz bath after passing stool. sit in a shallow bath tub filled with antiseptic lotions or warm salted water for 10 minutes.
• Hot compresses.
• Consume high fiber diet.

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