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dry skin during winters

Read this article till the end to learn about the causes of dry skin during winters and the tips to overcome dryness.

For many people, the winter months bring a chronic feeling of dry skin, allergies, itchiness and redness on our face, hands, and feet.
For some people, the problem is worse than just a general tight, dry feeling: They get skin so dry it results in flaking, cracking, even eczema.
While moisturizing properly is important, skin experts say there are some other easy habits that can increase the skin’s natural moisture and prevent it from getting dehydrated.

Common Causes of dry skin?

Common causes of dry skin include:
-overuse of soap and hot water
-exposure to harsh chemicals (soaps and detergent)
-certain types of skin diseases

Tips To Overcome Dryness:

Use warm water rather than hot

When you are trying to rehydrate your skin, it may seem like a good idea to soak in lots of water. But water can make dry skin worse, especially if you use hot, soapy water. Too much washing can remove the protective oils from your skin, leaving it to dryness.
Avoid Soap

Using too much soap or hand sanitizers may also cause your skin dry. Only apply soap when and where you need it, like armpit, in groin area, and on your feet. Choose mild, fragrance-free options rather than harsh strong soaps.

Skin moisturizers are important to avoid skin dryness. The right moisturizers can help you treat and prevent dry skin. Moisturize your skin two or three times a day.
Things to be taken care of while choosing any moisturizer:
What to look for in a moisturizer?
Creams and oils are more effective than lotion for dry skin. lanolin, mineral oil ,Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)act as a barrier and they are one of the best treatment for dry skin
What to avoid in a moisturizer?
Moisturizers contain fragrances should be avoided.
Must do skin test, first rubbing a tiny amount on your forearm for a few days, if it stings burns itches don’t use it.
Avoid Scrubber

Rubbing and scrubbing can irritate your skin. Don’t use on dry skin.
Exfoliators are useful for dry skin.
Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, allowing moisturizer to better penetrate into your skin.

Source: WebMD.

No More Worrying About Dry Skin During Winters!

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