Gingivitis refers to the inflammation of the gums surrounding the teeth .Chronic gingivitis can cause permanent damage to teeth .

Bacteria causes the inflammation of gums as mouth is perfect place for bacteria to thrive as apart from getting warm and moist environment and constant food supply.

Gums become red, swollen and tender .When gum disease gets worsened it is known as –Periodontitis leading to discharge of pus from gums and loosening of teeth.
Causes of Gingivitis

The most common cause of gingivitis is poor dental hygiene.
•  Poor oral hygiene habits
•  Decreased immunity as a result of leukemia, HIV/AIDS or other conditions
•  Certain medications such as the anticonvulsant medications
•  Dry mouth
•  Hormonal changes, such as those occurring during pregnancy, menstrual cycle or menopause
•  Family history of dental disease
•  Ill-fitting dental appliances
•  Poor eating habits
•  Poor tooth alignment
•  Blood disorders
•  Drug reactions
•  Vitamin deficiencies
•  Hormonal changes, especially those caused by pregnancy, puberty and menopause
•  Bad oral habits, especially smoking
•  Viral and fungal infection

Gingivitis Signs and Symptoms

•  Swollen, red  and bleeding gums
•  A change in the color of gums from pink to bright red
•  Tender gums
•  Receding gums
•  Mouth sores
•  Shiny appearance to gums
•  Bad breath
•  Loose or shifting teeth

Investigations for Gingivitis

Dentists usually diagnose gingivitis on the basis of medical history and an examination of the teeth, gums, mouth and tongue.

Treatment for Gingivitis

The goal of treatment is to reduce inflammation. Treatment options range from non-surgical therapies for controlling bacterial growth to surgery to restore supportive tissues.

Complications of Gingivitis

• Periodontitis
• Return of gingivitis
• Abscess

Diet / management of Gingivitis

• Good oral hygiene
• Brushing teeth twice daily
• Regular professional teeth Anti-plaque toothpaste and mouth rinse
• Toothpaste containing mint, babool, is best deal to fight gingivitis.
• Gargling also helps treat gingivitis. Take a glass of lukewarm water and add a pinch of salt to it.
• Aloe vera proves helpful in treating gingivitis.
• Increase in the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Include foods rich in fiber and vitamin C and those that have low saturated fats.

Homeopathic treatment for Gingivitis

Arnica montana
• Patient complains of fetid breath from mouth.
• There is soreness of gums after extraction of teeth.
• There is pain in gums accompanied with bleeding.
• Taste in mouth as if from bad eggs.

• Lips of the patient are red and bleeding.
• Dentition is very painful in children and due to which child is unable to sleep.
• The medicine is well indicated for rapid decay of teeth.
• Gums are spongy and bleeding.
• Teeth are dark and crumbly.
• There is putrid odor from mouth.

• Gums are swollen and easily bleed.
• Ulceration of gums.
• There is toothache after washing clothes.
• Persistent bleeding from gums after tooth extraction.
• Patient is thirsty for cold water.
• Nursing sore mouth.
• Excessive salivation from mouth.

Arsenicum album
• Gums are unhealthy and easy bleeding gums.
• There are ulcerations of mouth with dryness and burning heat in mouth.
• Saliva is bloody.
• There is neuralgic pain in teeth.
• Teeth feel long and very sore worse after midnight.

Ferrum phosphoricum
• Gums are having poor tone.
• There is bleeding in gums after brushing.

Calcarea fluorica
• There is unnatural looseness of the teeth, with or without pain.
• Teeth become loose in their sockets.
• There are boils in gums with hard swelling of the jaw.
• Toothache with pain if any food touches the tooth.

• Well indicated medicine for tender gum tissues.
• Well indicated medicine for healing of gums.

Kali phosphoricum
• Gums are spongy and receding.
• Well indicated medicine for scurvy.
• Toothache with easily bleeding gums.
• Gums have bright red seam on them.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum
• Gums are painful to touch.
• Gums bleed easily.
• Well indicated medicine for ptyalism.
• Well indicated medicine for suppuration of gums.
• Also given for abscess of gums.

Mercurius solubilis
• Gums are spongy, recede and bleed easily.
• There is sore pain on touching gums and from chewing.
• Whole mouth is moist.

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