A case of Morphea treated with Homeopathy

Sharing experiences with others makes them more intense, so I want to bring to light one of my experiences on a case of Morphea.

It came to me 2 years back in 2014. A girl 6 years old from U.S.A was brought to me by her father. She had a big dark coloured patch on her back which started two years back and was growing day by day. After the biopsy, it was diagnosed as Morphea.

Her father was very worried about her disease and he wanted effective treatment, which does not cause any harm or side effect to his child.

They have been through various treatments but could not get satisfactory results. The prognosis was done by doctors in the USA. They told him that there is no cure; in fact, it will grow with time. Later on, her father was suggested by one of his friend who was my regular patient to visit my clinic.

While examining her I noticed that her skin was very thick and hard and she had a history of various skin infections.

After complete case taking, I started her treatment. Improvement became visible after 3 months in which pigmentation decreased and thickness of skin reduced to some extent.
Now, after one and a half year the size of the patch decreased, pigmentation faded and skin came to normal.

After treating this case I treated much more such cases. This proves that homoeopathy gives effective results in plenty of Skin Ailments.

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