Best Ways To Treat Constipation In Dog

A better digestion is a health marker of a human being as well as in a dog. A good digestion is most important symbol for a dog’s health status. A constipated dog can face so many health issues along with behavioral disorder.

This may produce aggression, anxiety and anger in a dog. In mild cases one can treat dog’s constipation at home with few easy methods. In severe cases its must to visit a veternay physician for expert advice and treatment.

  • Laxatives: Normal house hold or easily available laxatives can be given to dog for preventing constipations in dogs with tendencies of constipation.
  • Pumpkin: Pumpkin is well known for relieving constipation in dogs. Pumpkin contain high quantity of water and fiber hence it is a best way to prevent constipation in dogs.
  • Olive Oil: Olive oil or any other mineral oils may help to lubricate the stools. This can help to defecate hard stools in constipated dogs.
  • Supplements: There are specific diet supplements which can help or treat constipation and are also safe to use. One can use fiber supplements and vegetable enzymes easily available in markets to prevent and cure constipation in dogs.
  • Wheat Bran: Bran also work as a preventive food for constipation in dogs like as pumpkinand ginger. One can give specific recipies to his dog prepare from wheat bran and oats, this may be easy method for treating constipation.
  • Milk of Magnesium: Milk of magnesium can also help but one should get the advice of a vet for quantity and how to use it.
  • Increasing Exercise: The physical activities of a dog is also helpful to prevent constipation in dogs. Sometimes a sedentary life style or laziness in a pet can be the only reason for constipation. So we can try to treat or mange constipation by increasing the physical activities or exercise of a dog.

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