How do I find a good homoeopath?

One of the most common questions is, “How do I find a good homeopath?” Choosing the right homeopath is something that should be done thoughtfully to ensure that you find the right homeopath for you and your family, just as you would with any other type of health practitioner.

Worldwide, homeopathy is regarded as a “low risk” system of medicine. In a perverse way, this low risk-status has worked against it because now a days few people currently call themselves an expert in prescribing homeopathy medicines without qualified as homeopathy doctor.

How do you find a real one? How do you find someone with the knowledge and skill to treat your complaint homeopathically and not just someone who prescribes potentized remedies with no knowledge of homeopathy mode of treatment? A professional homeopath is one who have granted doctorate degree through the full time, full-length course as any other allopathic doctor, including one year of internship at a hospital and is registered with an appropriate organization and preferably one recognized by your government as being representative of acceptable homeopathic standards.

Homeopaths understand that health is sustained by nutritious food, the sunshine, exercise, harmonious relationships, clean air and water, but when the person is still unwell in spite of these basics being present, they will use homeopathy to correct the imbalance causing the poor health.

Poor practitioners have no awareness of which therapies stimulate and which suppress. For this reason, they prescribe any homeopathic treatment as long as it provides short-term relief and causes suppression.

Your homeopath should be interested in all the mental, emotional and physical reactions you experience. This cross-section of symptoms, past and present, reveals the true extent of any ill-health and which remedy will give the best results whereas non-qualified practitioner focuses on only one or two immediate symptoms they may be saving time but not be collecting enough information to make a good prescription.

Homeopaths treat diseased people rather than diseases. Homeopathy works best when prescribed for the person’s unique response to an experience of their illness. For this reason, different people with the same complaint often receive different rather than the same remedies.

A practitioner who gives you a remedy for particular disease shows they do not understand homeopathy.

A good homeopath will give you a test dose of the prescribed remedy to assess how strongly you respond because patient sensitivity can vary to homeopathic remedies. Some people are quite sensitive and respond strongly to the remedy while others display gradual improvement with long-term dosing. Sensitive individuals are more likely to experience an aggravation with repeated doses or doses that are too strong.

Practitioners who prescribe regular doses without first checking for sensitivity are either poorly trained. You would be aware to invest your money elsewhere.

Most people are unaware of the silent conflict that has been waged between two distinctly different philosophies in the field of medicine.

Homeopathy & Allopathy are two methodologies to treat an illness. Both methodologies have a common goal which is to cure the sick people with different origin and different way of treatment.

Word homeopathy is basically derived from the Greek word “homos” which means like and “pathos” which means suffering. Which means “like cures like” or we can say that the substance which is responsible for a particular disease in healthy people is used to cure that disease.

Homeopathy medicines are highly dependent on the individuality of the patient and assessing his difference and response in contrast to other patients suffering from the same disease.  Two persons having the same disease are treated differently means the medicine is different for both in homeopathy. The medicine is given on the basis of how different peoples react to the same kind of disease. So, everyone has a different reaction to the same disease and hence is treated with different medicines.

In homeopathy complete case history of the patient  is done as a whole included his desires, aversion, dreams, susceptibility, general modalities, menstruation & medicine given to an individual depends on his behavior and his susceptibility to a particular type of disease.

Homeopathy is a field of medicine which deals with the root of the problem. It helps the body to heal itself by improving its immune system. The medicines given in this type of medication are meant to cure the root of the problem. This hence cures the cause of infection. Also, most of the homeopathic medication is permanent. This means disease once treated completely over a course period, will not recur again.

In allopathy particular medicine is prescribed for particularly affected organ or specifically fixed medicines on the name of the particular disease results in suppression of the disease. The pill given for a disease is during that particular disease and giving birth to another disease in the body.

Allopathy is commonly called as drug therapy. It involves chemical treatment for diseases and weaknesses. It is a study of disease which affects the patient. It depends upon the diagnosis of the disease on the basis of the signs & symptoms which are common in all the patients suffering from a particular disease. Diagnosis of each & every case is not possible & so treatment based on diagnosis can not be possible in all the cases.

Allopathy mainly depends on three things hypothesis, experimentation and the outcome of the experiment. This methodology basically depends on experimentation. In this doctors treat a disease based on symptoms not on the causes. The pill given to the patient depends on the outcome of the experiment. Suppose one got viral then his blood is tested to check the type of viral. Depending on the output of the blood test the pill is given. So we can say that in allopathy there is a pill for a particular disease. There is no place for individuality in allopathy because the same pill is given to all the patients having the same kind of disease.

The treatment in homeopathy takes a long period of time to cure the disease permanently.  So it can’t be used in the emergency case. The effectiveness of allopathy in an emergency is the main reason why people adopted allopathy. One good thing about homeopathy is that this methodology has no side effects if the treatment is going under the supervision.

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