Anita Jain

Good results are coming after taking the medicines.

Ankur1405 Khurana

Patient is satisfied with the treatment.

Anshul Mahajan

Taking medicine from Mar 7, 2015

Arnav Goel

The treatment is helping Arnav recover from the skin disease

aswati pillai

I have been taking medicine from Dr Thind for my 1 year old daughter since last two months. She was diagnosed with metopic synostosis & was advised surgery for the same. Within the first month itself i could see changes not only in terms of dissolution of the bony prominence but marked change in her milestones too. I am sure after seeing her progress so far with Dr Thind’s medicine that she would surely recover.


I had Psoriasis from last 15 years for which i had taken all types of treatment which used to give only temporary relief but after i visited Dr. Thind i got permanent solution of my problem. Thanks to Dr. Thind for treating my ailment and making me lead a healthy life.

Esha sharma Sharma

Excellent …. Treatment is still going on And it’s far far better than Allopathy.. All thanks to dr. Thind

Goswa gaba

My son had large patches of Morphea on his hands and legs. I had used several creams and lotions but no help. Eventually we opted for homeopathic treatment which worked amazingly. Our entire family is grateful to homeopathy and Dr. Thind.

Gurpreet Tiwana

Good Medicine

Harinder Pal Singh

Feeling better

Jasleen Tiwana

good doctor

Jeeshan Khan

Problem in achalasia Cardia . Last 2 years

Jitendra Chaubey


Manvinder Benipal

Ovarian cyst of 40mmx22mmx31mm and volume of 14.92cm3 (completely cyctic) with avg size of multiple cysts being 4mmx6xx (left).

Mohit Jhamb

M recovering well

Nazir Ahmad Najar

I have a diabetic retinopathy and cataract I need your suggestion

O P Singh

Feeling relief

Palak Chadha

I am really seeing an improvement in my health.

Rajesh J

Having LGD Tubulo Villous Adenoma (Multipolyps) in all parts of Large Intestine.

Raman sangha

Dr. Thind has brought an incredible change in my mother’s life, My mother’s neuralgia improved drastically, with the medicines. It is unbelievable!! The pain has reduced considerably

Ranjant Mishra

I was under treatment for hairfall problem and after completion of 6 months I can say that there has been healthy improvement in my hair fall. My sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Thind

Reena Mankotia

Dr Thind is very good doctor .. highly impressed by his treatment

Satyanarayan Rumhne

I need medicine .

Shanu Kumar Singh

I am suffering from white spot

talluri Padmavathi devi

consulted Neuro specialty they said benign intracranial pressure after mri brain ,problem started in sep-2017

Tarandeep Gill

Good results


Dr. Thind has brought an incredible change in my life

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