Good Habits In Dogs For Healthy Life

A healthy life in dog depends upon the proper care and grooming along with the good habits incorporated in the dog’s behavior. The behavior and lifestyle of a dog can be maintained by proper trainings in dogs. Both these behavior/ nature and lifestyle/day activities of dog or a pet are directly responsible for their health status.

An owner of dog must know about some factors to make their pet happier and healthier. The behavior of owner towards their pets under different situations are also responsible for their pets lifestyle and attitude towards others.

Few of good habits for our dogs:

  • Training: A pet must be trained for different circumstances. This will make them easily adjustable at different places and environmental situations. A proper time for training of a dog must be in a puppy or early young life.
  • Time Table: The day routine of a dog must be scheduled. The time for bathing, grooming , personal hygiene, eating and playing should be maintained. This will make the behavior of dog much polite and happier. Most important factor is punctuality will be a part of our pet. Automatically the pet will become healthier with proper physical, behavioral and healthcare.
  • Eating Habits: This is one very basic healthy habit to develop for the benefit of your dog to live a healthy life. Sadly, the risks of obesity are too often overlooked in our canines. Recent data, available from the Association of pet obesity prevention shows almost 53% of dogs as overweight or obese. Obesity decreases a dog’s life span, increases his risk for various cancers and metabolic diseases (like diabetes), and causes orthopedic complications—just to name a few of the possible consequences. So a proper training about good quality food and the quantity of food must be done.
  • Pee habits: A dog must be firstly proper trained as a puppy for natural calls like urination and defecation. A well trained puppy will grown up healthy with this habit. This may help in proper hygiene in dog as well as in surrounding environment. A clean and hygienic environment will facilitate good health.

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