Writers Cramp

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writers cramp

What is writer’s cramp?

In Writer’s cramp there is chronic pain or sudden painful contraction (cramp/spasm) of certain muscles of the hand and/or fingers are known as Writer’s cramp.

There is an uncontrolled, tiresome or tedious muscular contraction which is experienced by the patient. This disease generally affects one body part.

Who are more prone to get affected with writer’s cramp?

Age group of 30 to 50 years, but it can affects at any age group and both genders are equally affected by writers cramp

What are the causes of writers cramp?

An exact cause is not known however it is observed in some cases it may be aggravated by some certain chemical exposure or even hereditary factor affects.

What are the signs and symptoms of Writers cramp?

-Pain especially spasmodic pain

-Difficulty is experienced by the patients in using the hands for completing tasks.

-The handwriting becomes changed, some times unreadable also.

– Faulty or abnormal movement of the wrist or elbow.

– Professionals like musicians playing certain instruments, typists or in golfers can also be affected.

What treatment is usually advised for Writer’s Cramp?

-Muscle relaxant

– Rest


What Homeopathic treatment is advised in cases of writer’s cramp?

Homeopathic treatment acts as a muscle relaxant as well as pain reliever.

Homeopathy helps in the reduction of sudden painful contraction (spasms) , however it is observed cases which are in early stage respond better to the treatment.

Few indicated medicines for writers cramp are as follows:-

-Mag Phos




-Picric Acid

-Ferrum Phos

For more information, you can visit Wikipedia and eMedicine.

Writers Cramp

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