West Syndrome / Generalized Flexion Epilepsy

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West syndrome is a form of seizure disorder that begins in infancy( infantile spasm )begining in first year of life between age of 4-8 months with symptoms of forward body bending , stiffness of arm and legs.

It was named after the English doctor and surgeon William James West (1793-1848).It is caused by organic brain dysfuctioning .

West syndrome accounts for 2% of epilepsy in childhood.

Age/Sex prevalence of West Syndrome / Generalized Flexion Epilepsy

The symptoms develop between the age group of 3-6 months of age.

Although males are affected by infantile spasm slightly more often than females, no significant gender difference is noted in infantile spasm.

Causes of West Syndrome / Generalized Flexion Epilepsy

It is conjectured that it is a malfunction of neurotransmitter function, a malfunction in the regulation of the GABA transmission process.

Another possibility being researched is a hyper-production of the Corticotropin-releasing hormone.

West Syndrome / Generalized Flexion Epilepsy Signs and Symptoms

• Bacterial meningitis
• Cerebral atrophy
• Microcephaly
• Patau syndrome ( trisomy 18 )
• Vascular malformations
• Hypoglycemia
• Damage to brain ( due lack of oxygen )
• Cortical dysplasia
• Congenital infections

Prognosis of West Syndrome / Generalized Flexion Epilepsy

The long-term overall prognosis for patients with infantile spasm is poor .

Investigations of West Syndrome / Generalized Flexion Epilepsy

• Complete blood count (CBC) with differential, liver panel, renal panel with electrolytes and glucose, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and urinalysis with microscopic examination
• Lumbar puncture
• General physical examination
• Spinal fluid tests

Treatment of West Syndrome / Generalized Flexion Epilepsy

• Treatment differs in each individual case .
• The two most widely used synthetic hormones are:
• ACTH and Prednisolone
• Vigabatrin
• Surgery

Diet/management of West Syndrome / Generalized Flexion Epilepsy

The ketogenic diet which is high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

Homeopathic treatment for West Syndrome / Generalized Flexion Epilepsy

Every branch of science has its own scope and limitations, so does Homeopathy. Although Homeopathy has a lot of very good remedies for curing auto-immune disorders, male & female disorders, children and elderly people.

 In cases of any emergency situation such as poisoning, serious abdominal complaints, fractures, injury, and accidents should be treated first surgically .However a patient can consult his homeopathic physician for recovering from his after pains. Please note Homeopathy plays no role in treating any nutritional disorders.

The scope of Homeopathy is limited; it is the sole responsibility of the physician to decide upon the cure – by looking into the complete nature of the disease, onset and stage of the disease and then act accordingly.

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