Werner Syndrome/ Adult Progeria/ Adult Premature Aging Syndrome/ Pangeria

What is Werner Syndrome or Adult Progeria or Adult Premature Aging Syndrome or Pangeria? Is Werner syndrome fatal? How to manage it? What are the precautions to be taken? What are the signs and symptoms? What is the cause of this disease? How to treat it? How can homeopathy help you? All of this answered, in this post and of course our doctors always there to help you. Just fill in your details in the form down below and we will answer all your questions for FREE!

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werner syndrome

What is Werner’s syndrome?

Werner syndrome also known as adult Progeria, as well as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS).

Werner syndrome is extremely rare syndrome. Werner syndrome is a hereditary condition due to gene mutation of chromosome 8 encoding Werner’s protein. There are 25% chances that a child inherits two mutations and be affected by Werner’s syndrome.

What are the causes of Werner’s syndrome?

-Genetic mutation of chromosome 8

-Hereditary/ inherited

What are the signs and symptoms of Werner’s syndrome?

-Short stature

-Thin skin

-Muscle atrophy

-Skull large, with a disproportionate lower part of the face

-Wrinkling and aging of the face

-Scleroderma like look of nose, nose is pinched

-Lips atrophy

-Cheeks are sunken because of fat loss

-Loss of subcutaneous fat complicated with ulceration on shin and feet

-Graying of hair

-Loss of hair

-Nail dystrophy

-High- pitched, squeaky or hoarse voice

-Flat feet

-Type 2 diabetes mellitus

-Any type of cancer


-Premature arteriosclerosis


-Heart and artery disease

-Premature menopause in females

Is there a cure for Werner’s syndrome?

There is no cure for Werner syndrome as it is a genetic condition. In Werner syndrome treatment was given for various symptoms but nor particularly for Werner syndrome.

Is Werner’s syndrome fatal?

Most kids with progeria do not live more than 13 years of age. At least 80%-90% of patients died from complications of atherosclerosis, such as heart attack or stroke.

Can progeria be detected before birth?

Progeria is tested through amniocentesis

What are the investigations for Werner’s syndrome?

-Complete case history

-Physical examination

-Blood sugar level

-Lipid profile test

-Eye examination

-Urinary and serum hyaluronic acid level test

-Sequence analysis for Werner’s syndrome

-Western blot

What is the treatment of Werner’s syndrome?

-Genetic counseling

-Diabetes treatment

-Treatment for heart disease

-Vitamin C supplements


What are the complications of Werner’s syndrome?

-Cardiovascular problems

-Cerebrovascular problems


-Any type of cancer



Homeopathic treatment of Werner’s syndrome?

-baryta carbonica

-calcarea carbonica

-silica marina

For more information, you can visit eMedicine and WebMD.

Werner Syndrome

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