Weber–Christian disease

Weber–Christian disease is an uncommon inflammatory disease of the fatty tissues of the body. It is also referred as idiopathic lobular panniculitis (ILP) and relapsing febrile nodular panniculitis syndrome.
It refer to a group of disease that involve the deep fat .This disorder first appear on the skin as reddish ,tender and raised ( inflamed ) areas .The disorder is associated with generalized symptoms such as fever and body aches. It mostly affects the both sides of the thighs and lower legs. The inflamed areas can lose their blood supply to the skin and actually die in the area, ooze yellowish drainage and become infected. Scarring is common.

Age / Sex prevalence of Weber–Christian disease

It is most commonly seen in females 30-60 years of age .It can occur in both sexes, in all ages and rarely in infants.

Races affected by Weber–Christian disease

No racial predilections are seen in weber Christian disease.

Causes of Weber–Christian disease

The cause of weber-christian disease or idiopathic lobular panniculitis is not known .The cause may be related to an abnormal bodily response to the normal inflammation.

Weber–Christian disease Signs and Symptoms

• Fever
• Fatigue
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Weight loss
• Joint pain
• Abdominal pain (if liver involvement)
• Red or purple tender, raised lumps.

Investigation of Weber–Christian disease

1) Take a piece of tissue for biopsy and examine it under a microscope.
2) Laboratory test to investigate ESR, WBC, CBC.
3) Check serum and urine amylase and lipase.

Prognosis of Weber–Christian disease

The prognosis is depend on the severity of the organ involvement .Some patient have mild, intermittent, annoying symptoms while in others disease can be fatal.

Complications of Weber–Christian disease

Weber-christian disease may involve lungs,heart, intestines,spleen,kidney, and adrenal glands.

Death may occur in individuals if disease involves one of these organs.

Homoeopathic treatment for Weber–Christian disease

1) Graphite
2) Natrum Mur
3) Kali Carb
4) Mag mur
5) Sulphur

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