Homeopathic_doctor_chandigarh_vaginitis Vaginitis means inflammation/ infection of the vagina. It results in discharge, itching and pain, with an irritation or infection of the vulva. The most common infection is the candida or yeast infection .

The symptoms that arise vary with the infection, although there are general symptoms that all vaginitis infections have and infected women may also be asymptomatic.
Infections  is mainly caused by bacteria, yeast, or Trichomonas organisms .Apart from this STD (sexually transmitted disease) can also cause vaginitis.

Vaginitis in children:  prepubertal girls can have  vaginitis due to poor hygiene of anal and genital area.
Vaginitis during pregnancy: Vaginitis during pregnancy affects the mother and fetus. Bacterial vaginosis has been associated with premature labor, premature birth, infection of the amniotic fluid, and pelvic inflammatory disease of the mother after delivery.
Race affected by vaginitis

It affects all races

Age / Sex groups affected by vaginitis

All age groups are affected . The highest incidence is among sexually active women .

Causes of vaginitis

• Bacterial Infectious vaginitis accounts for 90% of all cases in reproductive age women

• Candidiasis: vaginitis caused by Candida albicans

• Other less common infections are caused by, gonorrohoea, chlamydia, Mycoplasma, herpes, Campylobacter, improper hygiene, and someparasites, notably Trichomonal vaginalis

• Reduced oestrogen level leads to thinning of lining of vagina and its dryness which is termed as Atropic vaginitis .
Pre-pubescent girls

• Bacterial vaginosis: vaginitis caused by streptococcus.

• Improper hygiene, which may introduce bacteria or other irritants from the anal region to the vaginal area.

• A lack of  ESTROGEN in postmenopausal women can result in vaginal dryness and thinning of vaginal and vulvar skin, which may also lead to or worsen genital itching and burning.

• Irritant vaginitis can be caused by allergies to condoms, spermicides, soaps, perfumes, douches, lubricants and semen. It can also be caused by hot tubs, abrasion, tissue, tampons or topical medications.
• Diabetes
• Women who have diabetes develop infectious vaginitis more often than women who do not.

Risk factors:
• Risk factors for STDs such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, or Trichomonas include unprotected intercourse and multiple sexual partners.

• Risk factors for yeast infection include the use of oral antibiotics and suppressed immune system
• Douching or using perfumed vaginal hygiene sprays or intrauterine devices for contraception.

Vaginitis Signs and Symptoms

• Change in color, odor or amount of discharge from vagina
• Vaginal itching or irritation
• Pain during intercourse
• Painful urination
• Light vaginal bleeding or spotting

Investigations of vaginitis

• Medical history
•  Pelvic Examination for signs of  redness and swelling.
• Sample of vaginal discharge will be taken for lab testing to see the cause of problem.
• A wet prep is an examination of vaginal discharge under the microscope to diagnose trichomonas or yeast infection.

Complications of vaginitis

• Preterm labor
• Low birth weight
• Preterm delivery

Prognosis of vaginitis

If the case of vaginitis is not treated properly it may predispose to pelvic inflammatory disease that may further result in infertility and chronic pelvic pain.

In pregnant females it may lead to problems like premature delivery and low birth weight babies.

Differential diagnosis of vaginitis

• Pagets disease
• Post partum infection
• Cervicitis
• Cystitis
• Herpes simplex

Treatment of vaginitis

– Treatment depends on the underlying cause.
– Bacterial infection: antibiotics given orally or through injection.
– trichomoniasis vaginitis: single oral dose of metronidazole or tinidazole.
– Yeast vaginitis: topical anti-fungal medications
– Hormone therapy
– Vaginal lubricant products

Diet / management of vaginitis

– Wash with water without soap. Soap disturbs the natural pH balance of the vagina.

– After using the toilet, wipe from the front toward the back to avoid introducing bacteria from the anal area into the vulva.

– Drink plenty of water.

– Change out of wet clothes as soon as possible.

– Avoid fragrances, colors, and “deodorants” in products that contact the vulva/vagina: sanitary napkins, tampons, and toilet paper

– Avoid wearing leather trousers, tight jeans, panties made of nylon or other synthetic fabrics.

– Improper insertion of objects into any body opening can cause damage: infection, cutting, piercing, trauma,Consuming sugar free diet and lot of green vegetables and soups.

– Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice.

– Apart from this garlic, plane yogurt and Tea tree oil have anti –fungal and anti bacterial properties also helps in reducing the infection.

– Probiotic supplement (containing Lactobacillus acidophilus).

– Starting with multi-vitamin such as vitamin A, E and C as they have anti-oxidant properties.

– Consuming green tea.

Homeopathic treatment for vaginitis

Calcarea carbonica
– Indicated in intense itching with thick white or yellowish discharge that is worse before period.
– Burning and itching in parts before and after menses in little girls .
– Increased sweat around the external genitals .

– Suited for burning pains with egg white colored discharge.
– Pruritus vulva
– Leucorrhea like white of eggs.

– burning pains with milky white discharge
– pressure in vaginal area
– indicated to depressed and irritable women.
– Pelvic organs relaxed
– Violent stitches upward in vagina
– Vagina painful during coition.

– White discharge that is worse in the morning and when walking.
– Aversion to coition .
– Induration of ovaries and uterus.

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