Urinary Bladder Stone

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Urinary Bladder Stones

What do we know about Urinary Bladder Stones?

Urinary Bladder stones are made of small masses of minerals, it develops when urine in the bladder becomes concentrated, leads minerals to crystallize in urine.

Who are at higher risk of having Urinary Bladder Stones?

Bladder stones occur more in people of age 30 and older, it is common in children and men.

What are the causes behind the Urinary Bladder Stones?

The most common causes of bladder stones:

• Inability to empty bladder

• An enlarged prostate

• Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

• Damaged nerves

• Weakened bladder wall

• Bladder Inflammation

• Kidney stones

• Cystocele

• Poor diet

What are Urinary Bladder Stones symptoms?

• Inflammation of Bladder

• Pain while urinating

• Blood in urine

• Urinary blockage

• Lower Abdominal pain

• Difficulty in passing urine

• Urinary tract  infection

• Fever

• The loss in control of urine

• Pain or discomfort in the penis

• Cloudy or dark colored urine

How to investigate Urinary Bladder Stone?

• Physical exam

• Bladder /pelvic x-ray

• Urinalysis

• Urine culture

• Complete blood count

• CT


How untreatable Urinary Bladder Stones causes complication?

• Chronic bladder dysfunction

• Urinary tract infections

How to manage Urinary Bladder Stones?

• Kegel exercises

• Certain Herbs

• Cranberry juice

• Lemon juice

• Balanced diet

• Fruits and vegetables

• Avoiding fizzy drinks

• Cut the excessive consumption of salt and sugar

• Drinking plenty of fluids

Homeopathy Treatment

• Berberis vulgaris

• Benzoic acid

• Cantharis  vesicatoria

• Lycopodium

• Sarsaparilla officinalis

For more information, you can visit MayoClinic and MedicalNewsToday.

Urinary Bladder Stones

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