Typhoid ( Enteric Fever )


Typhoid fever most commonly known as typhoid , a type of fever caused by bacteria SALMONELLA TYPHI

The Salmonella bacteria enters in healthy individual through oral route by ingesting unhealthy food containing this bacteria

Salmonella bacteria affects mainly on intestines . Individual with poor hygiene habit are more prone to be infection . Typhoid fever is more prevalent in those parts of the world where there is poor sanitation practises

Salmonella typhi bacteria enters in enviroment through infected stool and urine of  infected person . Then when these  infected hands comes in contact with healthy food , salmonella bacteria travels through this infected  food to another person , individual taking this food now get infected  with salmonella typhi  bacteria .

Typhoid fever is more  common in developing conturies  . Faecal-oral route is an important cause of typhoid fever .

Age/sex prevalance of Typhoid ( Enteric Fever )

Males are more prone to get affected by typhoid fever than females.Most common age groups affected are children and young adults.

Races affected by Typhoid ( Enteric Fever )

Typhoid fever have no racial predilections.

Causes of Typhoid ( Enteric Fever )

The most common cause of typhoid fever is Salmonella thyphi bacteria .
• Due  to poor sanitation and contaminated water in developing countries typhoid fever is most common.
• Most common cause of spread of typhoid fever is through contaminated food and water .
• Occassionally the infection is caused by direct contact with the infected person .
• Salmonella bacteria lives in gallbladder of carriers for months and years after recovery from fever . then this bacteria passes intermittently in the stool and urine .
• Individuals who do not wash their hands before eating are more prone to get infected with typhoid fever.
•Contaminated hands

Typhoid ( Enteric Fever ) Signs and Symptoms

• Malaise
• Increasing  headche
• Drowsiness
• Aching in the limbs

Symptoms appear in first week of infection are
• Constipation
• Diarrhoea and vomiting in children
• Headache
• Fever

Second week symptoms
• Cough
• Abdominal distension
• Diarrhoea
• Spleen enlargement
• Red spots on chest , abdomen

Third week
• Complications
• Delirium
• If not treated at time lead to coma and death

Complications of Typhoid ( Enteric Fever )

• Haemorrhage in intestines  (bowels )
• Perforation in intestines
• Infection in bone and joints
• Meningitis
• Cholecystitis
• Nephritis
• Myocardritis

Investigations of Typhoid ( Enteric Fever )

• WBC count
• Blood culture
• Widal test

Diet / management of Typhoid ( Enteric Fever )

• Always wash hands before eating
• Cover eatables
• Wash hands properly after daefecation
• Improve sanition and living condition
• Clean drinking water

Treatment of Typhoid ( Enteric Fever )

• Antibiotics are effective

Homeopathic treatment for Typhoid ( Enteric Fever )

• Rheumatic pains all over body
• Heat all over with occasional chill
• Mouth taste bitter
• Breath fetid
• Tongue yellowish brown , red edges and shinning
• Vomiting due to spasm of liquids
• Pain in stomach with feeling of hard substance in the stomach

Arnica Montana
• Shivering all over body
• Heat and redness of the head while rest of body cold
• Dislike meat and milk
• Patient have pain in stomach while eating
• Oppressive gases pass upward and downdwards
• Vomiting smells offensive

• Tongue dry and brown
• loose stools
• Restless patient
• Unquenchable thirst
• Taste of mouth bitter
• After eating nausea , vertigo and bloated abdomen
• Desire milk

Bryonia alba
• During fever , pulse full , hard , tense , quick ,
• Gastro hepatic complications after typhoid fever
• Stomach sensitive to touch
• Pressure in stomach after eating
• Vomiting after eating
• Vomiting of bile and water

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