Trisomy 18 / Edward Syndrome

Edward syndrome( Trisomy 18) is a chromosomal abnormality. It was first described in 1960 by John.H.Edward .Edward syndrome is an severe genetic disorder characterized by organs abnormality and intellectual disability .

Chromosomes are the packages of genetic material that combine when a human egg (ovum) is fertilised by sperm. Cells in our bodies should contain 46 such packages of genes, 23 from each parent.

In Edward’s syndrome there is an extra chromosome 18 (trisomy 18). Edward’s syndrome is rarely inherited.

The disorder leads to growth retardation, malformed ears, low birth weight ,small jaw/mouth ,small head, defects in heart and other congenital malformations.

Trisomy 18 ( Edward syndrome )severely affects all organ systems. The syndrome occurs in about one out of every five-thousand births.
Age / Sex

Trisomy 18 is detectable during the prenatal and newborn periods.
It is three times more common in girls than boys.


Trisomy 18 has no racial predilection.


Edward’s syndrome children inherit an incorrect number of chromosomes

The syndrome occurs when there is extra material from chromosome 18. The extra material affects normal development.

Signs and Symptoms plus

• Clenched hands, crossed legs
• Fragile and weak babies
• Feet with a rounded bottom (rocker-bottom feet)
• Low birth weight
• Mental delay
• Poorly developed fingernails
• Small head, cleft lip and cleft palate
• Heart and kidney problems
• Feeding problems in infancy
• Congenital heart defects
• Gastrointestinal abnormalities
• Urogenital abnormalities
• Neurological problems ( hypotonia followed by hypertonia )
• Respiratory difficulties
• Small pelvis


• It can be screened for in early pregnancy by sampling the amniotic fluid amniocentesis.
• Chromosome study
• Polycystic kidney
• Karyotyping

Other signs include:
• Umbilical hernia or inguinal hernia
• Atrial septal defect (ASD)
• Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)
• Ventricular septal defect (VSD)

Prenatal screening
Diagnosing of physical abnormalities
Chronic villus sampling


There is no cure for Edward’s syndrome and the symptoms can be very difficult to manage.

Edward’s syndrome is often detected during pregnancy and some parents opt to terminate the pregnancy.


Average life span of children with Edward syndrome is less than 2 months

Homeopathic treatment

Every branch of science has its own scope and limitations, so does Homeopathy. Although Homeopathy has a lot of very good remedies for curing & controlling auto-immune disorders, male & female disorders, children and elderly people.

In cases of any emergency situation such as poisoning, serious abdominal complaints (such as acute appendicitis /pancreatitis), fractures, injury, and accidents should be treated first taken to emergency. However a patient can consult his homeopathic physician after recovering from his initial phase. Please note Homeopathy plays no role in treating any nutritional disorders.

The scope of Homeopathy is limited; it is the sole responsibility of the physician to decide upon the cure – by looking into the complete nature of the disease, onset and stage of the disease and then act accordingly.

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