Torticollis / Wry Neck

Torticollis is a painful disorder of muscles in the neck. It is constant painful spasm of the large muscles of neck and usually affects one side or more than the other.
Occasionally, in new born babies develop a congenital form of torticollis because of damage to neck muscles.
Torticollis may develop in childhood, Congenital Torticollis (since birth) occurs in baby when position of head is wrong while growing in womb .

Races affected by Torticollis / Wry Neck

Torticollis is quite rare, and affects 1 in every 10,000 people which can be painful and debilitating.

Age / Sex groups affected by Torticollis / Wry Neck

Torticollis occurs in age group between 30-60 years .Torticollis is more common in women as in men.

Causes of Torticollis / Wry Neck 

• Neck/spine trauma –injury to cervical spine / neck muscles can result in spasm of muscles and in result twisting of head.
• Tumors, arthritis of the cervical spine
• Certain drugs
• Infection of head/ neck
• Infections of –ears, sinuses, jaws, teeth, scalp.
• Genetic defect
• Inner eye and ear problems
• Gastroesophageal reflux in infants
• Infants position during pregnancy and delivery

Risk factors –
• Family history
• Congenital abnormalities of spine
• Females are at great risk

Torticollis / Wry Neck Signs and Symptoms

• Shoulder pain
• Back pain
• Headache
• Neck cramps , muscle tightness
• Burning sensation
• Difficulty in turning head
• Neck muscles becomes tender and tense

Investigations of Torticollis / Wry Neck 

• CT scan of neck
• EMG ( electromyogram )
• MRI of brain
• X-ray

Complications of Torticollis / Wry Neck 

Muscle Swelling

Prognosis of Torticollis / Wry Neck

Condition is easier to treat in infants and children.

Treatment of Torticollis / Wry Neck 

• Surgery for correction of neck muscles
• Applying heat, traction to cervical spine
• Stretching exercises
• Medications
• Physical therapy

Classification of Torticollis / Wry Neck 

Inherited –it is due to genetic changes
Acquired –due to damage to nervous system

Homeopathic treatment for Torticollis / Wry Neck 

Arnica Montana –
• Coldness of forearm
• Sprained and dislocated feeling
• Difficulty in walking erect

Belladonna –
• Shooting pains in limbs
• Swollen joints, red, with shifting pains
• Jerking in the limbs
• Cold extremities

Causticum –
• Rheumatic tearing pains in limbs
• Weak limbs , loss of sensation in hands
• Stiffness in shoulders
• Pain in nape of neck

Cocculus indicus –
• Pain in shoulders and arms
• Pressure in scapula and nape
• Stiffness on moving shoulders
• Trembling and pain in limbs

Hypericum perforatum –
• Pain in shoulders
• Pain in nape of neck
• Twitching and jerking in muscles
• Pain in fingers and toes

Lachnantes tinctoria –
• Chillness between shoulders
• Pain and stiffness in back
• Neck drawn to one side during sore throat
• Neck stiffness with pain


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