Tooth Abscess


Tooth abscess is a collection of pus caused from a bacterial infection in the center of tooth. The abscess can occur at different region of the tooth for different reasons.
A periapical abscess occurs at the tip of the root and periodontal abscess occur in the gums next to the tooth root

Age/sex prevalance of Tooth Abscess

Dental abscess is rare in infants as abscess only take place if teeth erupt. Periapical abscess is common in children wheras periodontal abscess is seen in adults.

Races affected by Tooth Abscess

No racial predilections are seen.

Causes of Tooth Abscess

• Poor dental hygiene
• Diet rich in sugar
• Cigarette smoking.
• Trauma to tooth due to accident.
• Infection of oral cavity
• Opening in the tooth enamel

Tooth Abscess Signs and Symptoms

• Sever persistent sharp, gnawing, shooting, throbbing toothache
• Bad breath
• Bitter taste in mouth
• Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.
• Sensitivity to the pressure of chewing or biting.
• Fever.
• Swelling of face and cheeks.
• Tenderness to touch
• Swollen area of the upper or lower jaw.
• Swollen glands of the neck.
• Swelling of the gum over the infected tooth.

Investigations of Tooth Abscess

• Physical examination ( tapping on the tooth)
• Dental x-ray

Treatment of Tooth Abscess

• Prophylactic treatment(antibiotics, analgesics)
• Surgery( incision and draining the abscess)
• Extraction of the affected tooth

Prognosis of Tooth Abscess

Prognosis is good after treatment.

Complications of Tooth Abscess

• Loss of tooth
• Sepsis
• Facial cellulitis
• Infection to jaw bone
• Mouth ulcers

Diet / management of Tooth Abscess

• Rinse mouth with warm saline water
• Use fluoridated drinking water.
• Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride paste.
• Replace your toothbrush in every three to four months.
• Regular dental checkup
• Dental flossing or interdental cleaning between your teeth on a daily basis.
• Get tooth decay treated early
• Take balance diet avoid much of sugar especially at night before bed.
• Avoid cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption.

Homeopathic treatment for Tooth Abscess

• Toothache from inflammation of dental pulp
• Burning and throbbing pain in the tooth.
• Red hot face with great nervous excitability.
• Worse at night, on contact and in open air.

Coffea cruda:

• Severe pains of toothache which almost drive the patient frantic.
• Stinging, jerking, intermittent pains worse while chewing.
• Worse from warm drinks.
• Better by holding cold water in mouth.

Calcarea fluorica:
• Roughness of the teeth, decay of the enamel.
• Flaking off of the enamel.

• Premature decay of milk teeth becomes yellow and dark.
• Aching in the tooth.
• Terebinthina is here complementary especially if mouth be sore.

Plantago major:
• Tooth feel elongated and sore.
• Stabbing and boring pains
• Sensitive to touch with swollen cheeks.
• Pains are periodic, easily excited, even affecting sound teeth.
• Worse lying on the affected side.

Silicea terra:
• Abscess about the root of the teeth.
• Dental fistulae.

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