Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

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Tennis elbow is a condition caused by inflammation(swelling ) of the tendons leading to pain in elbow and arm.

Tennis Elbow is caused by certain repetitive movements of arm and wrist. Tennis elbow can occur in anyone straining the tendons of the forearm.

Age/sex prevelance of Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

Tennis elbow is more prevalent in individuals of about 40 years of age or above. Both sexes are equally affected but men have a marginally higher prevalence rate.

Races affected by Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

Individuals of any race are prone to get affected by tennis elbow.

Causes of Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

Any repetitive motion of the wrist or any activity that requires excessive constant gripping or squeezing result in inflammation and tiny tears in the tendons and cause tennis elbow.
Lack of strength or flexibility in the forearm muscles
• Lack of strength in the shoulder muscles
• Instability of the elbow joint
• Poor technique during sporting activities (especially tennis and golf) that puts too much strain on the elbow joint
• Inappropriate sporting equipment, such as using a heavy tennis racquet or having the wrong sized grip on a tennis racquet or golf club
• Repetitive movements of the hands and arms, such as working on an assembly line
• Continuously making the muscles and joint take heavy loads
The radial nerve is the main nerve of the arm. If radial nerve can’t move freely, it causes pain when the arm is stretched out. The radial nerve can be pinched by vertebrae or the elbow joint which may contribute to tennis elbow.
Bone fracture – a heavy fall or blow to the elbow may cause one of the bones to break or crack.

Risk factors:
• Common in adults between the ages of 30 and 50.
• That involves repetitive motions of the wrist and arm.such as – plumbers, painters, carpenters, butchers and cooks

Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis Signs and Symptoms

• Pain and tenderness radiating into the upper or lower arm.
• Tennis elbow may cause the most pain while –lifting any object , making a fist , shaking hands and while raising elbow
• Tenderness on the outer bony part of the elbow.
• Morning stiffness
• Pain when making a fist (golfer’s elbow)
• Pain when opening the fingers (tennis elbow)
• Soreness around the affected elbow bump
• Weak grip
• Difficulties and pain when trying to grasp objects, especially with the arm stretched out.

Investigations of Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

• X-ray.
• MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).
• EMG (electromyography).

Treatment of Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

• Rest
• Aplying ice  to reduce pain and swelling.
• Using an elbow strap to protect the injured tendon from further strain.
• Taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin, to help with pain and swelling.
• Performing motion exercises to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility.
• Getting physical therapy to strengthen and stretch the muscles.

Prognosis of Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

Chronic cases of tennis elbow discomfort can lead to paralysis of forearm extensor muscles.Response to initial therapy is common but so is the relapse.

Complications of Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

Untreated cases can result in chronic pain-especially when lifting or griping objects. When using the affected arm too strenuously before your elbow is healed can make the problem more worse.

Homeopathic treatment for Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

Arnica Montana –
• After traumatic injuries , overuse of nay organ .
• Pain in limbs as if beaten
• Sore , lame and bruised feeling , rheumatism of muscular tissue , back and shoulders

Bryonia –
• Aching in every muscle
• Pain tearing worse of motion
• Joints red, hot swollen
• Constant motion of left arm and leg .

Kalmia –
• Shifting pains
• Weakness , numbness and coldness in the limbs
• Joints red , hot and swollen
• Numbness of the left arm

Rhus tox –
• Rhus Tox relieves tennis elbow pain that feels worse when the elbow is first moved from a resting position.
• Hot, painful swelling of joints
• Stiffness in limbs with numbness
• Loss of power in forearm and fingers

Ruta –
• Contraction of fingers
• Great restlessness
• Feeling of weakness
• All body parts painful

Diet / management of Tennis Elbow /Lateral Epicondylitis

• Reducing playing time if already injured or feel pain in outside part of elbow.
• Staying in overall good physical shape.
• Increased muscular strength will increase the stability of joints.
• Like other sports, use equipment appropriate towards your ability, body size and muscular strength.

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