Temporomandibular joint dysfunction or disorder

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temporomandibular joint disorder

What is a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD)?

The temporomandibular joint is actually located at the base of the skull in front of the ear structure and connects the lower jaw (mandible) with the upper jaw (maxilla).

It is also known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome.

The temporomandibular disorder results in pain and dysfunction of the muscles of mastication and the temporomandibular joints.

TMJ disorder can cause pain in the jaw joint and in muscles that control the jaw movement.

Which age group is more affected due to this?

• Individuals of any age can be affected by temporomandibular joint disorder depending upon the cause behind its occurrence.

• Mainly the 20-40 age groups of individuals are more affected.

What causes TMJD?

• The exact cause of the temporomandibular joint disorder is unknown but, in this case, the symptoms arise from problems with the muscles of the jaw or with the parts of the joint itself.

• The injury to temporomandibular joint, jaw or muscles of the head and neck such as a heavy blow may cause TMD.

Other possible causes include as following:

• Dislocation of the joint.

• The presence of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis in the temporomandibular joint.

• The grinding or clenching the teeth, this can cause pressure on the TMJ.

• Stress.

• Connective tissue disease.

• In the case of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis may also this problem.

What is the sign and symptoms of TMJD?

• The most cardinal symptom is pain and tenderness on palpitation in the muscles of mastication or of joint itself.

• Pain is aggravated by manipulation or function such as when chewing, clenching or yawning and is often worse upon waking.

• There is difficulty in eating or even talking.

• There is locking of the jaw.

• Stiffness in the muscles of the jaw.

• Facial pain.
• Headache.

• Tinnitus.

• Dizziness.

• Blinking

How to investigate this?

• History if the patient.

• Family history.

• X-ray.

• MRI or bone scintigraphy demonstrates TMJ disorder.

How to manage?

• Eat soft foods.

• Apply moist heat.

• Take medications such as NSAIDs. It helps to relieve muscle pain and swelling.

• Lower-level laser therapy.

• Undergo corrective dental treatments.

• Avoid extreme jaw movements

Other treatment ways for TMD are as follows:

• Radio wave therapy.

• Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Surgeries in severe cases:

• Arthrocentesis

• Arthroscopy

• Open joint surgery

What are the complications?

• Chronic facial pain

• Alterations in dentition

• Malocclusion

What is the prognosis of TMJD?

The symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder slowly improve and resolve over time.

Can homeopathy help in this case?

Yes, homeopathy can help symptomatically. It helps to relief the pain, stiffness and inflammation. Some of the homeopathic medicines which can help in this case.

• Causticum

• Rhux – Tox

• Calcarea – Flour

• Calcarea – Phos

• Agaricus muscarius

• Belladonna

For more information, you can visit MayoClinic and HealthLine.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

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