Sunstroke/ Heatstroke

Heatstroke is a condition that occurs after exposure to excessive heat.Sunstroke is type of heatstroke.As heatstroke occurs after exposure to excess heat , in sunstroke the source of heat is sun.Sunstroke is caused by failure in your body’s cooling system and is one of severe heat related illness .

Heat cramps occur after excessive loss of water and salt; usually resulting from excessive sweating. Heat stroke is form of hyperthermia (raising body temperature). It is important to differentiate other form of heat related illness –
Like Heat rash which appear in form of small blisters on skin caused by excess sweating.
Heat cramps – It is due to excess strenuous activity in heat leading to muscle spasms in arms, legs and abdomen.

Heat stroke can become a life –threatening medical condition. In can also lead to
an organ dysfunction and death.

Young children and elderly are at a greater risk of sunstroke.

Dehydration contributes to sunstroke.

When the water supply in your body is low, cells begin to pull water from the bloodstream, forcing organs to work harder.

Dehydration can also affect the skin’s ability to cool the body efficiently.
The heart must pump an adequate supply of blood to the skin in order for the skin to cool the body.

When you are dehydrated, the blood’s volume is reduced, so the cooling process becomes less effective.
Causes of sunstroke

• Sunstroke is caused by a failure in your body’s cooling system. When its cooling system fails, your body is overwhelmed by excess heat; this is when sunstroke occurs.
• Prolonged exposure to the sun contributes to sunstroke.

Risk factors –
Very old and young people .
consuming alchol, smoking , drug use
high blood pressure
heart disease
heavy clothing
high humidity , poor ventilation

Sunstroke Signs and Symptoms

• rising of body temperature
• Headache, cramps, dilated pupils.
• Loss of consciousness can also result in seizures and coma
• Nausea , vomiting , dizziness
• Fatigue and weakness
• Convulsions
• Fainting attack and diarrhea

Homeopathic treatment for sunstroke

Every branch of science has its own scope and limitations, so does Homeopathy. Although Homeopathy has a lot of very good remedies for curing & controlling auto-immune disorders, male & female disorders, children and elderly people.

In cases of any emergency situation such as poisoning, serious abdominal complaints (such as acute appendicitis and pancreatitis), fractures, injury, and accidents should be first taken to emergency. However a patient can consult his homeopathic physician after recovering from his initial phase. Please note Homeopathy plays no role in treating any nutritional disorders.

The scope of Homeopathy is limited; it is the sole responsibility of the physician to decide upon the cure – by looking into the complete nature of the disease, onset and stage of the disease and then act accordingly.

Glonine –
• Bad effects of exposure to sun rays “over-heating in sun”.
• Bursting headache , head feels larger , fullness in head.
• Cerebral congestion, or alternate congestion of the head and heart. – Head : feels enormously large; as if skull were too small for brain; sunstroke and sun headache; increases and decreases every day with the sun
• Brain feels too large, full, bursting; blood seems to be pumped upwards; throbs at every jar, step, pulse. Intense congestion of brain from delayed or suppressed menses; headache in place of menses.

Belladona –
• Eye strain , pupils first contracted then dilated .
• Skin red and hot , rush of blood to head , belladonna covers each aspect of sunstroke accompanied with nausea , vomiting , skin burning , better by bending head back.

Natrum carbonicum –
• Chronic effects of sunstroke .
• Headache from slight mental exertion , head feels large as it would burst .

Natrum muriaticum –
• Sunstroke , heat in head with red face nausea and vomiting .
Rush of blood to head , headache as if head would burst .

Diet / management of sunstroke

• Getting into shady area
• Remove extra clothing
• Drinking plenty of fluids
• Getting cold bath
• Avoiding alcohol and caffeine
• Maintaining body temperature

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