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What is splenomegaly?

• Splenomegaly is a condition in which enlargement of the spleen beyond its normal size.

• The enlarged spleen is usually detected during a physical examination.

What causes the spleen to enlarge?

• The enlargement of spleen takes place when spleen works excessively in filtering or manufacturing the blood cells.

• Viral infections such as mononucleosis etc.

• A bacterial infection such as such as syphilis etc.

• Parasitic infections such as malaria etc.

• Portal hypertension and portal vein obstruction.

• Splenic vein pressure/blockage.

• Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

• Metabolic disorders.

• Cirrhosis of the liver (In this case increase the blood pressure inside the vessels of the spleen).

• Cystic fibrosis (characterized by excessive mucus production, particularly in the lungs and pancreas).

• Cytomegalovirus (It is a common viral infection that causes mild, flu-like symptoms).

• Hodgkin’s disease (It is the cancer of the lymphatic system).

• Leukemia (cancer of the bone marrow).

• Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes).

• Malaria (Parasitic infection).

What is the sign and symptoms of splenomegaly?

• General weakness of the body.

• Discomfort feeling.

• Fullness abdomen.

• There is the pain on the upper left side of the abdomen.

• The enlarged spleen felt by palpating the abdomen.

• Recurrent infections.

• The enlarged spleen pushes towards stomach causing:

• Loss of appetite,

• Sense of fullness while eating.

• Pain radiating to left shoulder.

• Shortness of breath.
• Cool, clammy sweaty skin.

How to diagnose the case of splenomegaly?

• Physical examination.

• Blood tests:



• Ultrasound

• CT Scan


How is splenomegaly treated?
• Antibiotics are used for infection.

• If the infection associated with a splenic abscess this requires surgical intervention.

• An immunosuppressant is used for autoimmune or inflammatory disorders, treatment of cirrhosis, and CHF.

Is an enlarged spleen serious?

• Yes, in very rare cases the ruptured spleen can cause lots of blood loss and will be a life-threatening condition.

• If some causing factors is left untreated the enlarged spleen can lead to serious complications.

In some severe cases, the surgery is required.

What are the complications of splenomegaly?

• Thrombocytopenia (decrease in platelet count).

• Leucopenia (decrease in white blood cells ).

What is the differential diagnosis of splenomegaly?

• Cirrhosis of liver

• Viral hepatitis

• Iron deficiency anemia

• Infective endocarditis

• Infective mononucleosis

• Budd – Chiari syndrome

What foods heal the spleen?

Some of the healthy food which can help to manage this condition.

• Consume mainly organic vegetables, sautéed or lightly cooked.

• The Grains- oats, rice, sweet rice.

• Vegetables- potato, squash, sweet potato, yam.

• Fruit- dates, grapes.

• Bean product: tofu.

How homeopathy help in this case?

Some of the homeopathic medicines which can help in this case. These are:

• Ceanothus Americanus

• China

• Natrum muriacticum

• Nux vomica

For more information, you can visit eMedicine and MayoClinic.


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