Social anxiety disorder/Social phobia

Social anxiety disorder (social phobia) is the feeling of extreme nervousness during social situations or social gatherings. People with social phobia experience butterflies in stomach, irritation, fear, cold sweats, self-consciousness, embarrassment etc. It is a mental disorder which is self created or some times its due to the past life bitter experience which leaves a deep embarrassment in persons mind. People who undergo treatment and counselling’s learn coping skills leads to better life as compared to those who are left unattended.

Causes of social anxiety disorder

•Inherited traits

•Family history

•Environmental factor

•Bad experiences

•Brain chemistry

•Being a female

•Shy or timid temperament

•New social or work demands

•Having a health condition that draws attention

•Assertive nature

•Hypersensitivity to criticism

•Poor social skills

•Poor work records

•Low self-esteem

•Low academic achievement

•Substance abuse

•Excessive drinking


Social anxiety disorder sign and symptoms

Physical symptoms



•Fast heartbeat


•Trembling and shaking

•Upset stomach

•Cold, clammy hands



•Muscle tension

•Shaky voice

Emotional symptoms

•Intense fear of interaction with people especially strangers

•Hardly any eye contact

•Avoid doing things or speaking to people out of fear or embarrassment

•Difficulty talking

•Avoid situations where public speaking is required

•Avoid situations where one might be centre of attraction

•Worries about embarrassing or humiliating oneself

•Fear of situation where one might be judged

•Presumptuous thoughts of social humiliation, anxiety and embarrassment

•All seems nervous

•Get easily upset/sad

Investigations for Social anxiety disorder

•Complete case history

•Physical examination

•Asking questions

Treatment of Social anxiety disorder

•Psychological counseling


•Anti-anxiety medications

•Beta blockers

Prognosis of social anxiety disorder

Prognosis after prompt treatment is good and there are high chances of improvement, family support and friend helps a lot for patient to improve early.

Diet and management of social anxiety disorder

•Practice yoga

•Avoid alcohol

•Quit smoking

•Never think of situation that makes you feel bad

•Family and friends should help such individuals by giving them support

•Make the person to attend all the counseling sessions

•Try to tight with situations which are easy to managed

•Try to attending social gatherings.

Homoeopathic treatment for social anxiety disorder

Aconitum napellus

•Panic attack comes on suddenly with very strong fear

•Immense anxiety may be accompanied by strong palpitations, shortness of breath and flushed face.

•Strong feeling of anxiety may also occur when a person is just beginning to come down with flu or cold.

Argentum nitricum

•Anxiety develops before a big event like exam or any interview

•Dizziness and diarrhea may be experienced.

•Enthusiastic with tendency towards peculiar thoughts and impulse

•There is craving for sweets and salt.


•Feeling of weakness, trembling and mental dullness

•Fear of being paralyzed

•Stages of fright about public performance or interview or feel anxious before test or visiting a doctor.

•Chills, perspiration, diarrhea and headache with nervousness

•Fear of crowds, fear of falling and even a fear that the heart might stop

Ignatia amara

•A sensitive person who is anxious because of grief, disappointment, criticism, loneliness

•Marked defensive attitude, frequent sighing and mood swings

•Unexpected bursting in tears or laughter

•Headache that feels like a nail driven into the side of the head

•Cramping pains in abdomen or back


•Anxiety as insecurity and clinginess with need for constant support and comforting

•Person may be moody, tearful, whiny even emotionally childish

•Anxiety increases in warm or being in a stuffy room

•Relief from fresh air and gentle exercise.

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