Sleep Walking/ Somnambulism

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What is somnambulism?

Sleepwalking is a series of complex behaviour carried out during sleep like walking. Sleepwalking appears to run in families.

Symptoms of sleepwalking?

-confused when wake up

-Blank look

-Opening eyes during sleep

-Not remembering the sleep walking episode on waking

-Sitting up and appearing awake during sleep

-Taking in sleep and saying things that do not make sense

-Walking during sleep

-Talking in sleep and saying things that do not make sense

Is it bad to wake up a sleepwalker?

Yes, it is dangerous to wake up a sleep walker because that may cause heart attack, Shock, brain damage or something else.

What causes a person to sleepwalk?

Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, it is a behavior disorder which occurs during deep sleep and this results in walking or performing other activities while asleep.

It is common in children as compared to adults and is more likely to occur if a person is sleep deprived.

What is somnambulist?

It is a condition in which a person motor actions are being performed such as walking.

Can Sleepwalkers see you?

No, sleepwalkers actually walk with there eyes open. They do not see during sleepwalking but they do when they are awake.

How do you wake a sleepwalker up?

Gently turn the sleepwalker in the direction of her bed.

Does sleepwalking go away?

Sleepwalking is a disorder of sleep that usually go away till adolescence.

Is sleepwalking dangerous?

Yes, sleep walking is dangerous.

Can you die from sleepwalking?

No one cannot die from sleepwalking.

Why do people sleepwalk?

It is a behaviour disorder that arises during deep sleep which results in walking while asleep. It is common in children than adults.

Other causes of sleep walking are:


-Lack of sleep or fatigue. 

-insufficient sleep

Is Sleepwalking a mental disorder?

Sleepwalking is a behavioural disorder.

For more information, you can visit WebMD and SleepFoundation.


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