Seborrhic Dermatitis

Seborrhic dermatitis is defined as an infection of skin, mostly affecting the skin of scalp. This infection causes itching, red skin, scales of dandruff. Infection of seborrhea affects those parts of body where there are oil glands, commonly affected areas are face, upper chest, back and other areas of your body.

When infection of seborrhea affects infants it is named as cradle cap.

Seborrhea dermatitis also occurs in between skin folds, can develop in between eyebrows, sides of nose, in armpits, groin area and breast bone.

The scales of seborrhea are thick, yellow, crusty and greasy.

Causes of Seborrhic Dermatitis

• Seborrhea occurs mostly in winter season.
• Seborrhea dermatitis also occurs in those patients who suffer from neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease.
• Seborrhea dermatitis is common along with other diseases like HIV AIDS
• Fungus like yeast is also one of the causes that lead to infection in oil glands.
• Seborrhoeic infection is not contagious.

Seborrhic Dermatitis Signs and Symptoms

• Itching on scalp.
• Flakes on eyebrows, beard, mustache, hair of scalp are yellow and white in appearance.
• Thick crust on scalp.
• Inflammation of affected areas.
•  Affected skin is red, greasy covered with flakes which are white and yellow in color.

Differential diagnosis of Seborrhic Dermatitis

• Psoriasis of scalp.
• Atopic dermatitis.
• Ringworm of scalp.

Investigations of Seborrhic Dermatitis

• Examination of the affected areas.
• Medical history of the patient.
• Detailed examination of skin sample taken through skin biopsy.

Treatment of Seborrhic Dermatitis

• Corticosteroids
• Anti fungal substances are used in different ways like in shampoos gels and creams.
• Medicated shampoos, creams and soaps.
•  Healthy and balanced diet is advised.
• Healthy living habits to be adopted.

Homeopathic treatment for Seborrhic Dermatitis

Arsenic album:
• Patient with fair skin.
• Scalp itches intolerably.
• Circular patches on bare spots.
• Dry scales.
• Night burning and itching.

• Hepatic dandruff accompanied with eczema or other eruptions.
• Scalp scaly with distressing itching, humid.
• Yellow dandruff, bald spot.
• Burning on vertex.

Natrum muraticum:
• White dandruff alternating with catarrh.
• Dry eruptions especially on the margin of the hair scalp.

• Itching of scalp.
• Dandruff, falling out of hair in large bunches.
• Dandruff falls out like a cloud.

Sanicula aqua:
• Profuse scaly dandruff on scalp, eyebrows and beard.

Vinca minor:
• Corrosive itching.
• Great sensitiveness of the skin, with redness and soreness from slight rubbing.

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