Rheumatic Fever

rheumatic fever

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What is Rheumatic fever?

Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease which can develop after an infection with group A Streptococcus bacteria .Rheumatic fever affects heart, joints, skin and brain.

Rheumatic fever is dangerous as it causes permanent damage to the cardiac structures leading in heart failure.

What are the causes of Rheumatic fever?

Rheumatic fever happens after a throat infection with bacterium –Streptococcus Pyogenes (Group A streptococcus ) .Streptococcus infections causes strep throat or rarely rheumatic fever .

Some of the diagnostic criteria are as follows-

• inflammation of the heart (carditis)

• joints swollen, painful and stiff (polyarthritis)

• jerky involuntary movements (chorea)

• pink skin rash (erythema marginatum)

• Skin nodules

Risk factors –

• Family history

• Environmental factors ( poor sanitation , overcrowding )

Who are more prone to get affected with Rheumatic fever?

Rheumatic fever usually affects children of age group between 5-15 years.

Describe the signs and symptoms of Rheumatic fever?

• Fever

• Abdominal pains

• Joints pains (knees, elbows, ankles and wrists)

• Joints swelling

• Nosebleed

• Skin nodules

• Skin rash (erythema marginatum)

• Shortness of breath

• Chest pain

• Skin eruptions

• Fatigue

• Pain in one joint shifting to other

• Jerky body movements (Sydenham chorea )

• Weight loss

• Vomiting

What is the Treatment for Rheumatic Fever ?

• Antibiotics

• Anti-inflammatory medications

• Anti-convulsant medications

What are the Investigations advised in Rheumatic Fever?

• Echocardiography

• Electrocardiogram ( ECG)

• Test for strep infection

• Physical examination

• Listening to heart for abnormal rhythms

• Complete blood count


What are the complications of Rheumatic Fever?

• Endocarditis

• Heart failure

• Pericarditis

• Mitral stenosis

• Arrhythmias

What is the diet and management of Rheumatic fever?

• Hot compress or cold compress are advised several times.

• Cold packs

• Fruit diet with fresh fruit juices

• Fruits – apple, pineapple, peach, pear, grapes, oranges, papaya

• Well balanced diet with whole grain cereals

• Herbs –Asparagus , Black cumin , fenugreek and ajwain

What are the Homeopathic remedies which are indicated in the condition of Rheumatic fever?

-Arsenicum album

-Baptisia tinctoria

-Ferrum phos 


For more information, you can visit texasheart.org and Wikipedia.

Rheumatic Fever

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