Rectal Prolapse

rectal prolapse

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What is rectal prolapse?

-Rectal prolapse is a condition in which the walls of the rectum protrude through the anus and are visible outside the body.

-Rectal prolapse is commonly seen in elderly people and is rare among children.

What are the causes of rectal prolapse?

-History of the patient

-The ligaments and muscles of the rectum become weak which result in rectal prolapse.

-History of chronic constipation.

-Chronic diarrhoea.

-Straining during defecation.

-Increasing age.



-Sphincter paralysis.

-A whooping cough


-The stresses of childbirth.

-History of any previous surgery.

-Cystic fibrosis.

-Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

What are the types of rectal prolapse?

There are 3 main types of rectal prolapse:

Partial prolapse

-In case of partial rectal prolapse, the lining of the rectum protrudes out of the anus.

-It mainly occurs after straining during bowel movement.

Complete prolapse

-In case of complete prolapse, the entire wall of the rectum protrudes out of the anus.

-Initially, it may occur during bowel movements.

-Complete prolapse over time may occur while standing or walking.

Internal prolapse

-In internal prolapse a part of large intestine or rectum may slide over another part, the condition is called intussusception.

-In this case, the rectum does not protrude out of the anus.

What is the sign and symptoms of rectal prolapse?

-Bleeding or mucus discharge from the protruding tissue.

-Pain during bowel movements.

-There is a sensation as if something is protruding out from the anus.

-Involuntary bowel movements.

-The feeling as if bowels are not completely evacuated.

-Itching, irritation, and pain in the anal region

How to investigate the rectal prolapse?

-History of the patient.

-Family history.

-Physical examination.


-Barium enema.


How to treat the rectal prolapse?

-If the patient suffering from constipation the stool softeners are used to reduce pain and straining during bowel movement.

-In severe cases, the surgery is required.

What is the differential diagnosis of rectal prolapse?




What are the complications of rectal prolapse?



-Intestinal injury

-Bladder and sexual function alterations


-Outlet obstruction

How to manage the case of rectal prolapse?

-Avoid constipation.

-Avoid straining during bowel movement.

-Kegel exercises.

-Diet should include high fiber content to keep the stool to avoid much straining during bowel movement.

Can homeopathy help in this case?

Yes, homeopathy can help in this case. It depends upon person to person. Some of the homeopathic medicines which can help in rectal prolapse are:



-Ferrum met


-Nux – Vomica




For more information, you can visit ASCRS and Wikipedia.

Rectal Prolapse

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