Query Fever / Q Fever

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What is Q fever?

Q fever is the infection caused by bacteria Coxiella burnetii. It is also called query fever. It affects the lungs, liver, heart and other parts of the body. It is transmitted to humans by animals, most commonly sheep, goat, and cattle. It is an occupational disease of the slaughterhouse, animal husbandry, and animal research workers.

Classification of Q fever?

Acute Q fever: It is most common and least serious type having flu-like symptoms that last for a couple of weeks. It can cause mild pneumonia and mild hepatitis.

Chronic Q fever: It is less common but serious type and may last for six months or longer. It causes inflammation of the inner lining of the heart, if left untreated it can affect the normal working of the heart and lead to heart failure and less than 1 out of 10 people die with endocarditis.

Is Q fever virus?

Yes, it is a disease caused by the bacteria Coxiella burnetii. This bacterium are found in the birth products (i.e. placenta, amniotic fluid), urine, stool, and milk of infected animals.

What Are the Complications of Q Fever?

• Osteomyelitis

• Pregnancy problem

• Encephalitis

• Endocarditis

• Pericarditis

• Myocarditis

• Liver infection

• Pulmonary fibrosis

• Meningitis

• Pneumonia

• Chronic fatigue

What are the signs and symptoms?

• a high fever

• chills or sweats

• a cough

• chest pain while breathing

• a headache

• clay-colored stools

• diarrhea

• nausea

• abdominal pain

• jaundice

• muscle pain

• shortness of breath

How Is Q Fever Diagnosed?

For a doctor, it is difficult to diagnose Q fever

Blood antibody test is helpful to diagnose Q fever.

If you have a chronic infection, the doctor may advise for chest X-ray and other tests to look at your lungs and a test called an echocardiogram to check your heart valves.

Who Is at Risk for Q Fever?

Bacteria mostly infect cattle, sheep, and goats, people who are at risk for infection include:

• farmers

• veterinarians

• people work around sheep

• people work in the dairy industry

• people work in meat processing facilities

• people work in research laboratories with livestock

• people work in research laboratories with C. burnetii

• people live close to a farm

Is there a vaccine for Q fever?

Yes, there is a vaccine Q-VAX® Q fever Vaccine is given by injection under the skin, usually in the upper arm. It is used to protect people against the infection “Q fever”.

For more information, you can visit NIH and rettsyndrome.org.

Q Fever

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