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What is Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland. It is an infection and swelling of prostate gland. Prostate gland plays a very important role in the male reproductive system. Prostate gland is present in males beneath the urinary bladder and helps to make part of fluid for semen. With age the size of prostate gland increases.

Who is affected by prostatitis?

Prostatitis is widely spread in the underdeveloped countries and countries which show rise in HIV infected patients and where there is more number of cases suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.
Areas where prostitution is high show increase in cases of acute bacterial prostatitis.

Age / Sex group affected by prostatitis

Younger age group is on high risk of suffering from acute bacterial prostatitis.
Individual of age group below 35 years are on higher risk of suffering from acute bacterial prostatitis.


The classification depends on the type of infecting agent:
• Acute bacterial prostatitis.
• Chronic bacterial prostatitis.
• Chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
• Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis.
• Granulomatous prostatitis.


• The most common cause of prostatitis is bacterial infection. Bacteria travel up to prostate through urethra.
• Infection to the prostate can travel through infection in bladder.
• Urine flow blocked.
• Uric acid found in urine can also cause irritation in prostate.
• Due any abnormal flow of urine or prostatic secretions into the prostate.
• Emotional stress and anxiety can also be one of the factors.

In acute bacterial prostatitis the infection reaches to prostate gland in ascending route through the urethra, reflux urine into prostate ducts or direct extension or lymphatic spread from the rectum.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is caused due to following causes
• Voiding dysfunction problem, either structural defects or functional disharmony.
• Most common organism involved in the chronic prostatitis is E. coli.
• Other organisms involved in chronic prostatitis are C trachomatis, ureaplasma.
• Tuberculosis prostatitis is found in patients with renal tuberculosis.
• HIV ( human immunodeficiency virus )
• Cytomegalovirus.
• Inflammatory conditions such as sarcoidosis also can lead to chronic prostatitis.

In case of chronic prostatitis other factors responsible for infection are as follows:
• Structural or functional bladder pathology, such as primary vesical neck obstruction, failure of the external sphincter to relax during voiding (pseudodyssnergia), detrusor muscle contractility impaired.
• Increase in pelvic side wall tension.
• Ejaculatory duct obstruction.

Signs and symptoms:

• Frequent urge to pass urine, though a small amount of urine is passed.
• Urination increased at night.
• Burning in urethra while urinating.
• Feeling of not completely emptying the bladder.
• Pain and uneasy feeling during and after ejaculation.
• Pain on start of urination.
• Flow of urine is like waves not steady or streamline.
• Dribbling of urine after urination.
• Pain at the tip of penis.
• Pain in lower back, between testicles and anus and above pubic area.
• During defecation pain is increased.

Differential diagnosis

• Cystitis
• Prostate cancer.
• Testicular cancer.
• Urolithiasis
• Radiculopathies
• Erectile dysfunctioning.
• Chronic pain syndromes such as inflammatory bo=wel syndrome.
• Beningn prostatic hyperplasia

Other disorders which give symptoms similar to prostatitis are as follows:

• Back pain have mechanical cause behind.
• Anal fistulas or fissures.
• Foreign bodies in rectum
• Urethritis in males.
• Urinary tract infections.
• Urinary incontinence.


Prognosis of acute bacterial prostatitis is good when treated at initial step.
In cases where prostatitis is due to HIV viruses there the prognosis is not good. Prostatitis lead to urosepsis in some case where patients immunity is low or patient is already suffering from some major diseases like diabetes mellitus, HIV infection or immunosupressed patients in cases of transplant of organs.


• Urine culture.
• Expressed prostatic secretions test
• Blood culture.
• Complete blood count.
• Bimannual examination of rectum to check any growth in prostate.
• Prostate specific antigen test.
• CT scan of pelvic area.
• MRI of pelvic area

Diet / management

• Drink lot of water for regular urination.
• Adopt good hygienic habits and clean penis regularly.


• Eat high fiber diet and drink lot of water to avoid constipation. Because passing hard stools with much straining lead to pain in prostate.
• Antibiotics help in infection
• Sitz bath is also very helpful.
• Take pain relievers as asprin, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
• Avoid alcholol, caffeine, highly spicy food if they give you much trouble.

Homeopathic treatment for prostatitis

Sabal serrulata
• Acute cases of enlarged and inflamed prostate.
• Gland is hot, swollen, and painful.
• Also helpful in senile hypertrophy.
• Acute prostatitis.

• Patient has difficulty in voiding urine.
• Enlargement of prostate.
• Catarrh of bladder is also seen in patients with prostatitis.

Thuja occidentalis
• Frequent release of urine with small discharge
• Patients strain much while urinating.
• Sensation of stitches from rectum to bladder.
• Discharge of prostatic fluid especially in morning.

For more information, you can visit NHS and NIH.


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