Precocious Puberty

precocious puberty

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What is precocious puberty?

Precocious puberty is a hormonal condition defined as the beginning of body changes such as:

-Development of breast,


-Pubic and underarm hairs,

-Mature body odour,

-Menstrual bleeding and increased growth rate.

It is also defined as the changing from a child (at age of 8years in girls and 9years in boys) into an adult is called precocious puberty.

Which age group affect due to this?

-Precocious puberty is more common in girls than in the boys.

-The variable range for a girl is 8yrs and for boys 9yrs.

What are the types of precocious puberty?

There are 2 types:

Central precocious puberty it is also known as (gonadotropin-dependent) 

In this condition the premature secretion of gonadotropins from the brain.

Peripheral precocious pubertyit is also known as (gonadotrophin-independent)

In this condition the early release of androgen and oestrogen production from other parts of the body.

What are the Causes?

• Presence of central nervous system abnormality.

• The family history of the same disorder.

• Certain rare genetic syndromes.

• Tumours of the pituitary gland or brain.

• Peripheral precocious puberty:

• Certain rare genetic syndromes.

• Tumours of the ovary or testis.

• Other tumours that secrete human chorionic gonadotrophin.

• Disorders of the adrenal gland.

• Severe hypothyroidism.

What are the sign and symptoms?

In case of girls:

• Underarm or pubic hair.

• Acne

• Beginning to grow faster.

• Breast development.

• Early periods (menstrual cycle).

• Mature outer genitals.

• Mature body odour.

• Obesity.

In case of boys: 

• Facial, underarm or pubic hair.

• Acne.

• Rapid height growth.

• Voice deepening.

• Enlargement of the testicles and outer genitals.

• Mature body odour.

• Obesity.

How to investigate?

• Levels of sex steroid

• Ultrasound.

• Hand and wrist X-ray bone age

• Pelvic MRI

• Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH)

What is the prognosis?

-Prognosis is good.

-Regular counselling of the patient at home.

-At school should be conducted in growing kids.

What are the complications?

-Height and growth stop too early.


-Abuse of alcohol in early age.

-The child keeps away from the social circle.



-Tumour in the brain or spinal cord.

How to manage?

-Diet changes minimise dairy products.

-Encourage the child to exercise.

-Avoid processed food.

-Advise to parents spend time with your child.

-Avoid soft drinks.

Can homeopathy help?

Yes, in some cases the homeopathy medicine having good results. Some of the homeopathic medicines which can help in this case. These are:

-Calcarea carbonic

-Calcarea phosphoric

-Ambra grisea

-Ignatia Amara

-Sepia Officinalis

-Lilium tigrinum

For more information, you can visit and Wikipedia.

Precocious Puberty

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