Perioral Dermatitis

perioral dermatitis

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What is Perioral Dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is a skin disorder in which tiny red bumps are formed around the mouth. Perioral means around the mouth

In perioral dermatitis, small red or pink lumpy spots appear on skin around the mouth. These spots may appear like acne spots, but are not acne. The severity of spot may vary. The rash may be or may  be not be painful or itchy. The skin surface appears to be red or pink and lumpy.

It is said to be limited to skin surface. This is not a serious disease but can be painful in some cases. It is necessary to treat the condition in early stages as in later stages it can complicate the case .

Age / Sex affected by perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis usually occurs in women in age group between 20-45 years Perioral dermatitis is uncommon in men and children .Although the number of cases are said to increase in men and children due to increase use of cosmetics .

Causes of perioral dermatitis

• The exact cause of perioral dermatitis is unclear .
• Steroids creams
• Make up foundation , cleansers
• UV-light , heat and wind
• Oral contraceptives pills
• Hormonal changes
• Bacteria and yeast on skin
• Some sunscreens
• Gastro –intestinal disturbances
• Microbiologic factors
• Vitamin defeciency
• Fluoride toothpaste

Perioral dermatitis signs and Ssmptoms

• Burning around the mouth
• Rashes appearing around eyes, nose and forehead
• Some patients may complain of slight itching .

Investigations of periral dermatitis

• Diagnose is done by looking at the skin .
• Prick test

Treatment for perioral dermatitis

Without treatment the condition amy last for  few months
• Avoid using any skin creams , cosmetics on face
• Washing face with only water
• Antibiotics
• Photodynamic therapy

Diet / management of perioral dermatitis

• Anti-inflammatory topical therapy
• Zinc supplements are also helpful
• Applying cold packs
• A cold compress of chamomile tea can sooth the irrated skin
• Avoiding astrigents
• Oral retinoids (vitamin A ) are also useful
• Supplements –Vitamin A, Vitamin C , bioflavoniods and beta-carotene
• Consuming lot of green leafy vegetables
• Covering the face by avoding exposure to excess heat and cold
• Managing stress
• Using skin care products which are –fragnence free
• Minimizing the use of cosmetics and moisturizing
• Avoiding some triggers food which can aggravate the condition such as –
-Hot spices
-Soy sauce
-Vanilla, vinegar , choclates , citrus fruit

Differential diagnosis of perioral dermatitis

• Acne vulgaris
• Contact dermatitis , allergic
• Rosacea

Prognosis of perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis requires several months of treatment .

Homeopathic treatment for perioral dermatitis

Agaricus muscarius –
• Burning, itching on skin
• Chillblains , swollen veins
• Papular eruptions

Bovista –
• Itching on getting warm
• Rheumatic lameness , palpitations
• Herpetic eruptions
• Stage of numbess and tingling

Graphites –
• Rough , dryness of skin
• Pimples and acne , early keloid and fibroma
• Swelling , ulcers oozing of sticky fluid

Muriatic acidum –
• Papular and vesicular eruptions
• Great itching
• Foul smelling ulcers , scanty eruptions

Petroleum –
• Skin itching at night
• Chillblains , skin dry and very sensitive
• Slight scratch makes skin suppurates
• Thick,green crust with burning and itching

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Perioral Dermatitis

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