Paget’s disease

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What is Paget’s disease?

It is a chronic condition of bone characterized by a disorder of the normal bone remodeling process. In Paget’s disease, the bone remodeling process is disturbed.

It commonly affects the pelvis and spine, particularly the lumbar spine.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of Paget’s disease depend on the bone affected and the severity of the disease.

 Paget disease is asymptomatic in 70-90%of persons.Affected  individuals experience various symptoms:

Bone pain (it is the most common symptom)

Secondary osteoarthritis (when Paget disease occurs around a joint)

Bony deformity (most commonly bowing of an extremity)

Excessive warmth (due to hypervascularity)

What causes Paget’s disease?

The cause of Paget’s disease is unknown. It may be a viral infection of the bone, or it could be caused by something in the environment Both genetic and environmental factors have been implicated.

How do you test for Paget’s disease?

-Paget’s disease is diagnosed on the x ray

-CT scan

-MRI scan

-Alkaline phosphatase (elevated in paget’s disease)

Is paget disease hereditary?

Paget’s disease of bone associated with autoimmune thyroiditis. Cause of paget’s disease is unknown but genetic and environmental factors

Does paget’s disease itch?

It commonly affects the pelvis and spine, particularly the lumbar spine.

Paget’s disease of the breast symptoms include itching, redness, red rash on the nipple that can extend to the darker area of surrounding skin. 

What are the complications?

Complications of Paget disease depend on the site affected and the activity of the disease.




-Cranial nerve disorders



-Neuromuscular syndromes

-Joint disease

-Cardiovascular abnormalities

For more information, you can visit AAOS and Wikipedia.

Paget’s Disease

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