Melasma/ Chloasma/ Pregnancy Mask

Q1. What is melasma?

It is a condition in which skin become dark, patchy brown or tan. It is a common skin problem and is also known as “chloasma” or ”the mark of pregnancy”, when it occurs in pregnant women. It is more common in females as compared to males.

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Q2. Symptoms for melasma?

It is a patches of discoloration i.e brown colored patches which appears mostly on cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose or chin.

Q3. What is the diagnosis of melasma?

It is diagnosed by recognizing the typical appearance of brown skin patches on the face.

Q4. What is the main cause of melasma?

When melanocytes get affected than only this skin disease occurs i.e by using birth control pills, during pregnancy or taking hormonal therapies can trigger melasma. Stress, allergic reaction to medicines, cosmetics and certain other diseases also causes this skin problem. Apart from these sun exposure also causes this skin disease because of ultraviolet rays which affects melanocytes.

Q5. Is melasma curable?

There is no certain cure for this skin condition but there are several treatments which improves the appearance. If the disease occurs during pregnancy, it may resolve on its own after few months of delivery.

Superficial pigmentation is easier to treat than deep pigmentation.

Q6. Best way to treat melasma?

There are certain allopathic ointments which help in lightening the pigmentation but best way to treat this skin disease is by natural way rather than using strong allopathic ointments or steroids.

Q7. Can hormone imbalance cause melasma?

Yes, melasma is a hyper pigmentation of the skin and is associated with the hormonal imbalance especially with pregnancy, thyroid problem, birth control pills, etc. therefore hormones are responsible for melanocyte stimulating hormones (MSH).

Q8. Can melasma turn into cancer?

No, it is not cancerous and will not develop into cancer.

Q9. Can melasma be caused by stress?

Yes, theis skin disease can be triggered by stress because stress results in the overproduction of melanocyte stimulating hormone and causes freckles / melasma.

Q10. How can I reduce brown spots from my face?

Apply lemon juice and sugar on the pigmented area of the face and leave this paste for half an hour and after 30 minutes wash your face with water. This is one of the natural way to lightened the hyper pigmentation.

Q11. What is the main cause of hyper pigmentation?

It can be caused by sun damage, inflammation, skin injuries etc. people with darker skin tone are more prone to hyper pigmentation especially with sun exposure. Hyper pigmentation caused by an excess production of melanin in the skin.

Q12. Is melasma hereditary?

No, it is not hereditary.

Q13. Why does melasma happen?

Melanocytes are the cells in the skin that deposit pigment.

When melasma occur during pregnancy it is called “chloasma”. During pregnancy estrogen, progesterone and melanocyte stimulating hormone increased which results in melasma.

Q14. How long does it take for hyper pigmentation to fade?

Generally it can take 3 – 24 months to fade but in some cases it may take longer time. It depends on how dark the spots or pigmentation is, as compared to the surrounding skin.

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