What is Mastoiditis?

It is the inflammation of the mastoid bone. Mastoid in the bone located just behind the ear. The mastoid bone when fills with infected materials and its honeycomb-like structure may deteriorate.

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Prevelence and age group which is affected due to Mastoiditis?

This is a disease of very young people, especially children are affected who are younger than 2 years and adults after 23 years of age.

Is Mastoiditis painful?

Yes, Acute Mastoiditis can become serious if the infection spreads outside the mastoid bone.

Symptoms of acute mastoiditis include:

  • Pain in or behind the ear.
  • Swelling of the area behind the ear

What are the causes of Mastoiditis?

Infection of middle ear
• Blockage of ear drainage
• Cholesteotoma
• Perforation of tympanic membrane

What are the sign and symptoms of Mastoiditis?

Discomfort or pain behind the ear
• Discharge from ear
• Low grade fever
• Redness and swelling behind the ear
• Fever or headache in acute mastoiditis
• Hearing loss and vertigo
• Swelling of tympanic membrane
• Headache
• Erythematous

How is Mastoiditis diagnosed?

• X-ray
• CT scan
• Culture of ear discharge

Is Mastoiditis serius?

Mainly the most of the people with this inflammatory disease do not experience any serious complications the treatment is not always easy and the infection may come back. If the mastoid bone is severely infected and isn’t removed, it can cause hearing loss and life-threatening health complications such as: a blood clot. Meningitis.

What is the treatment for Mastoiditis?

• Prophylactic treatment
• Mastoidectomy
• Myringotomy/ tympanocentesis
• Tympanostomy tube placement

What are the complications of Mastoiditis?

• Hearing loss
• Vertigo/ dizziness
• Meningitis is the most common complication if infection spread to the brain.
• Facial nerve palsy
• Brain abscess
• Destruction of the mastoid bone
• Epidural abscess

Can an ear infection spread to the brain?

Yes, if it is left untreated, the patient has severe complications with permanent brain damage, hearing loss, and coma.Cerebral abscess is often a complication of chronic sinus or middle-ear infections or the distant spread of the infection from any organ (such as a lung abscess or pneumonia).

What are the homeopathic medicines which can help in case of Mastoiditis?


Hepar Sulph


Aurrum Metallicum

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